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Apical complex?

ctfaulkn at utkvx.utk.edu ctfaulkn at utkvx.utk.edu
Wed Feb 15 10:25:56 EST 1995

In Article <3hrro8$hgv at martha.utk.edu>
ctfaulkn at utkvx.utk.edu writes:
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>jonlester at aol.com (Jon Lester) writes:
>>My copy  of Schmitt & Roberts *Foundations of Parasitology* (4th ed.)  was
>>published in 1986.  At the time not much was known about the function of
>>the apical complex.  Could anyone point me to any newer information
>>regarding the apical complex.  Any information would be appreciated. 
>	Apparently, the function of the apical complex is still poorly
>understood.  Most seem to believe that it is involved in penetration 
>of the host cells.  Seems like there was a paper in Parasit Today a couple
>of years ago.  I believe, perhaps erroneously, that someone said that there
>is a secretory product synthesized by the apical complex and this assists
>intercellular penetration.  You might contact David Lindsay @ Auburn because
>he stays up on this sort of stuff.  Perhaps he'll see this post an choose to 
>reply, if only to straighten me out. Good luck.

I recieved the following information at my e-mail address for posting to
the discussion:

 "Dr. Clara Fenger" <DRFENGER at UKCC.uky.edu> writes:

The apical complex includes the rhoptries, micronemes and dense granules.
These are secretory organelles.  The rhoptries and micronemes discharge
their contents during invasion of host cells, and the dense granules
discharge their contents within the parasitophorous vacuole after invasion.
Rhoptries have been observed to actively secrete their contents
during invasion in Plasmodium, Eimeria, Toxo, and Sarcocystis.  Penetration
enhancing factor increases uptake of Toxo, but I'm not sure which
organelle secretes it.  If you are interested in a reference list,
I can forward it directly to your e-mail address if you would like.
-Dr Fenger

	I also recieved a message, but accidentally deleted, it from a
malariologist who referenced a couple Silbey and Boothroyd papers in
Molecular Parasitology (?) a couple years ago. Perhaps these could be
reposted to the group for those who are interested.

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