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Help! Strange Mold

Peter M. Muriana muriana at aclcb.purdue.edu
Sat Sep 10 14:56:33 EST 1994

In article <sjacobs.270.001432AC at maroon.tc.umn.edu>, sjacobs at maroon.tc.umn.edu (Steve Jacobson) writes:
>Could anyone out there help me.  If this is the wrong newsgroup, I apoligize.
>My cousin has a strange mold/organism growing throughout her house (on the 
>end of Long Island, NY).  It started with a leak in a gutter that eventually 

	Your cousin could bring a sample to the microbiologists at the
	State University of N.Y. at Stony Brook - probably the closest
	facility to the end of Long Island with the expertise to I.D. it.

	Or, perhaps approach some home builders/developers, or large
	home improvement centers - I'm sure those guys have seen this type
	of problem before and must have some method of treating it. When
	we were looking for a house, a realtor showed us one that had
	dampness problems and had mold growing on every inch of wall space
	in the house - she said the builder was giving a good discount
	on it (I told her unless it was for free I wouldn't tackle that
	kind of headache).

>The mold starts out with a pinkish color with a round shape (like little 
>droplets).  The shape then will change to become irregular.  The mold then 
>starts to grow and get darker (orange or brown).  It takes on all kinds of 
 There is 
>also a version of this mold that is gray or black.

	The different colored versions may simply be different molds?
>Steve Jacobson

Good luck.
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