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Demodex Foricculum

Peter W Pappas ppappas at magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu
Fri Oct 14 13:35:11 EST 1994

In article <Cxnyuu.IDA at zoo.toronto.edu>,
Mark Siddall <mes at zoo.toronto.edu> wrote:
>In article <1994Oct13.191239.12553 at iglou.com> carolina at iglou.iglou.com (Caroli
na Hoskins) writes:
>>Pardon the spelling of the subject line, but could someone please tell me
>>what this is?
>>Thanks in advance
>_Demodex_ _follicularum_
>^^      ^ ^^ ^^        ^   note useage of italics, capitalization,
>                            lack of capitalization and spelling.
>D.f. is a mite.
>Mites and ticks together make up the Acarina which are arachnids like
>spiders etc (thus don't be callin' 'em insects, they ain't).
>D. f. is a slender mite that hangs out in the sebaceous gland ducts
>(read "sweat") that empty at the base of human hair follicles (hence the
>name D. follicularum).
>The current wisdom is that EVERYONE's got 'em (or almost everyone)
>regardless of economic class, race, religion, cleanliness, etc etc...
>Thus, like eye-boogers, they are one of the world's great levelers!!
>Only in very rare cases are they ever associated with any kind of
>discomfort and inflamation.
>Nice to know you're never alone.
>Mark E. Siddall                "I don't mind a parasite...
>mes at vims.edu                    I object to a cut-rate one"
>Virginia Inst. Marine Sci.                     - Rick
>Gloucester Point, VA, 23062

I certainly do not want to start an argument, nor do I want to split hairs (pun
intended) about follicle mites, but a sebaceous gland is not a sweat gland.
The mites are found associated with sebaceous glands of hair follicles, but
such glands are distinct from the "sweat" glands.
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