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Demodex Foricculum

Mark Siddall mes at zoo.toronto.edu
Fri Oct 14 08:01:39 EST 1994

In article <1994Oct13.191239.12553 at iglou.com> carolina at iglou.iglou.com (Carolina Hoskins) writes:
>Pardon the spelling of the subject line, but could someone please tell me 
>what this is?
>Thanks in advance

_Demodex_ _follicularum_
^^      ^ ^^ ^^        ^   note useage of italics, capitalization,
                            lack of capitalization and spelling.

D.f. is a mite.
Mites and ticks together make up the Acarina which are arachnids like
spiders etc (thus don't be callin' 'em insects, they ain't).

D. f. is a slender mite that hangs out in the sebaceous gland ducts
(read "sweat") that empty at the base of human hair follicles (hence the
name D. follicularum). 
The current wisdom is that EVERYONE's got 'em (or almost everyone)
regardless of economic class, race, religion, cleanliness, etc etc...
Thus, like eye-boogers, they are one of the world's great levelers!!
Only in very rare cases are they ever associated with any kind of
discomfort and inflamation.  

Nice to know you're never alone.


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