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Killing Intestinal Nemata

ctfaulkn at utkvx.utk.edu ctfaulkn at utkvx.utk.edu
Sat Apr 23 02:26:48 EST 1994

In Article <CoL1AL.8r2 at ucdavis.edu>
scott at tapeworm.ucdavis.edu (Scott Gardner, Nematology UCD) writes:
>I posted a message about the paucity of VERMOX in pharmacies.  

I'm not really up on the availability of Vermox, but some physicians i know
quit prescribing it because its too expensive, and other safer drugs were
available. Vermox is "Mebendazole" and has been contraindicated in pregnant
women becuase of tetragenic effects in rats.  Pyrantel Pamoate (Antiminth,
Pfizer inc) is an over the counter drug with broad spectrum efficacy. I suspect
that it has become the drug of choice among US physcians.  Vermox is still
available in Mexico as an over the counter med. Its possible that Janssen has
just changed their market to where they can make the most money.

> pamoate drugs don't work on this one...
Vermox is a member of the benzimitazole family, its mode of action is
inhibition of microtubule assembly and blocks glucose uptake. In effect the
worms starve to death and die. Pyarantel Pamoate (Antiminth) has a different
mode of action. It is a neuromuscular blocker so the worms become paralysed and 
are flushed from the GI tract of the host. It is mainly effective on Hookworms,
Ascarids and Pinworms, and adult T. spirallis. Pyrantel is poorly absorbed in   
the GI tract and most is passed in the feces unaltered. For this reason, it has
 no effect on encysted larvae.  Thiabendazole is the treatment of choice for
Strongyloidiasis. Like other BMZ's it interfers with microtubule assembly, and
possibly inhibts the helmint specific enzyme "fumarate-reductase". As I
understand the case of fatal strongylodiasis, treament was (1) with the wrong
drug (no demonstrated efficacy), (2) the patient was given corticosteroids to 
reduce inflamation. The latter is significant because it resulted in a fatal 
dissemnation of the parasite throughout the body. 

To return to the orignial thread of your post, if you want to treat Ascaris or 
Pinworms try Antiminth.  If Trichuris is your problem, you'll have to find an
alternative as you say Vermox is no longer available.  Does any one know if
Albendazole is approved for humans yet ?

Also, how often do you get Ascarids in Davis, CA ?, Also, where do you think 
you get the infective eggs from .....the salad bar, perhaps ? Inquiring minds
want to know!!!!!

>Scott Gardner

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