[Neuroscience] Help with series resistance and EPSP variations

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Sat Nov 24 05:43:18 EST 2012

Hmm.... hwta type of experiment are you doing? I assume your patchj electrode 
is lovcated at the soma and you are in current clamp mode. Your EPSPs are 
eliceted somewhere distant in the dendrites of a neuron. Right? Uner these 
circumstances I would say that your RS is equivalent to the resistance if the 
cytoplasm. To solve your question you may have a look to the length constant 
of axons (or dendrites).

See for example here: http://neuroscience.uth.tmc.edu/s1/chapter03.html 

Best wishes

> Hi everybody, there is a question I have since some time but still
> dont have a convinvcing answer.
> When your series resistance changes during a patch clamp experiment,
> 1- which influence does it have on my EPSP slope and amplitude?
> 2-why?
> 3-how would it help or not to use a discontinuous (switching) amplifier?
>  If anyone could help me to understand I will appreciate it, please
> try to be explicit in answering. Thanks a lot in advance!
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