[Neuroscience] A question about LTD protocol

Min-Yu Sun via neur-sci%40net.bio.net (by msun002 from student.ucr.edu)
Fri Aug 12 20:06:54 EST 2011


I meet a problem for using the LTD protocol to induce LTD. I am using a
PP-LFS protocol (1Hz, 900 paired-pulses; pulse interval:50 ms, pulse
duration: 0.1 ms) to induce LTD on acute hippocampal slices from wild-type
mice (aged from P17-P23). My amplifier is Axopatch 200B, and the software I
use is pClamp 10.2. All the experiments are done in room temperature (22-25
C). The problem is, I can't induce LTD reliably. Sometimes I can induce LTD
for about 15-20% at 45-60 min after PP-LFS (rise slope of fEPSP is 80-85%
compared to baseline level), but sometimes I can't induce LTD at all even if
I use exactly the same protocol. The rise slope of fEPSP went back to around
95-100% (compared to baseline) at 30 min after PP-LFS. I was just wondering
if there is any experimental condition I might not pay attention to, which
could extremely affect LTD induction. Does anyone have any thought about
this? I 'd very much appreciate for any possible suggestions!

Thanks a lot!

Amy (Min-Yu)

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