[Neuroscience] Maths student with much brain missing?

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Tue Oct 13 05:09:33 EST 2009

Hello Neur-Sci members...

I'm writing a book which involves, among other things, the brain/mind issue.

Some 30 years ago I remember a report (possibly in the New Scientist) about a maths? student at the University of Birmingham, UK, who, as I recall, passed his exams, but then became unwell. An x-ray found that he had only a cortex, and very little or no other brain matter. I remember that the report contained what seems to have been the x-ray picture of a more or less empty head.

I moved house some 25 years ago, and the article has got hopelessly lost. 

Can anybody help me, please? What I would like most would be an ecopy of the original article. Failing that, any pukka information or route to investigate.

Thanks very much indeed for your time.

All best wishes                                    Chas Griffin

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