[Neuroscience] Re: Decay constants. What does "weighted' mean?

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Tue Jan 20 14:54:47 EST 2009

Excellent. Again, it makes perfect sense. Thank you very much.

On Jan 20, 3:01 pm, Trevor Lewis <t.le... from unsw.edu.au> wrote:
> Hi Bill,
> Why do people do it this way? Let me provide an example that I am
> most familiar with. Take the development of inhibitory synapses in
> the lateral superior olive: they start out predominantly comprised of
> GABA type A receptors and gradually glycine receptors are introduced
> so that there is a mixture of the two at the synapse and then
> eventually become predominantly comprised of glycine receptors. The
> IPSCs from GABAaRs is slow, while GlyRs are fast. In this case it is
> useful to have a weighted mean time constant to describe the
> exponential decay of the IPSCs over the different developmental
> stages - since at some stages there will be two exponential
> components, and other stages just one component. Thus, the change
> from the slow IPSCs to the fast IPSCs can be described with a single
> parameter and can be easily plotted against time. Of course, you
> wouldn't rely solely on this analysis to describe what is happening.
> Certainly, if you were wanting to compare the relative contributions
> of the fast and slow components then a more robust statistical
> comparison would be useful (like a 2-way ANOVA).
> Trevor
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> >Thanks Trevor, that explains it nicely (I geussed it was something
> >like that).
> >Why do people do it in that way? Wouldn't it make more sense if you
> >were comparing an intervention to do a 2-way ANOVA with Intervention
> >vs Slow Decay Constant vs Fast Decay Constant?

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