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Wed Jan 14 06:41:26 EST 2009

Hello Rick,

ad (1):
- no. Neither concerning type of channel (gating mechanism, ion 
permeablility, "speed"), nor concerning tissue type (neurons vs. muscle 
for example), nor concerning distribution in one cell (axons vs. soma, 
Ranvier's vs. myelin sheath).

ad (2):
- kind of yes, but: rarely is one type of channel (isoform) 
representative for only one type of cell

ad (3):
- probably not, as ionchannel-distribution is one way of "specializing" 
in cells, which occurs as well in vertebrates as in invertebrates.

For a quite comprehensive overview on sodium channels see

Goldin, A. L. (1999) Diversity of mammalian voltage-gated sodium 
channels. Ann N Y Acad Sci 868, 38-50.
Goldin, A. L. (2001) Resurgence of sodium channel research. Annu Rev 
Physiol 63, 871-894.
Or have a look at my (German) thesis at

Good luck with your project!


Rick Giuly schrieb:
> Hello All,
> I'm interested in modeling neurons and I have a few questions:
> (1) In adult animals, are ion channel distributions constant?
> (2) Do particular cell types have well defined ion channel
> distributions that are similar among all cells of the type? (For
> example does a Purkinje cell have a predictable ion channel
> distribution?)
> (3) Are the answers to questions (1) and (2) different for vertebrates
> and invertebrates?
> Any comments or paper recommendations are appreciated. I've done some
> literature searching and found some fragments of information on these
> topics but nothing definitive yet.
> -Rick

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