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Fri Jan 9 21:14:48 EST 2009

Hey.  My name is Tim -- I am involved with a group called THE
SENSATION AND EMOTION NETWORK (www.sensationtoemotion.com).  We
support research in sensory processing and emotion regulation, and we
are particularly interested in increasing awareness and finding
solutions for Sensory Processing Disorders, a brain based problem that
affects approximately five percent of school age children in the U.S.
One subtype of SPD is Sensory Over Responsivity (SOR).  SOR kids
respond to sensory information (i.e. sound and touch) as though it
were extremely aversive. They feel continually bombarded by stimuli.
Patterns of instable moods are typical and SOR children find even
pleasurable activities difficult, or unbearable. Awareness of SPD is
very low.  Children are frequently misdiagnosed, and the results can
be devastating.

On March 2 and 3 of this year, we are putting on The Sensation To
Emotion Conference, which will bring together scholars, clinicians,
and heavy in neuroscience, occupational therapy, music therapy, and
related fields in order to advance the understanding of how sensory
processing and emotion regulation interact, and how these processes
affect human behavior.  We will explore the neurobehavioral processes
underlying the emotions often associated with a high reactivity level
to sensory information, with attention focused on the auditory domains
and upon the fear response. Since we greatly support an
interdisciplinary approach, participants will include Joseph LeDoux,
Lucy Miller, Jeffrey Brantley, Daniel Pine, Rosemary White, Elizabeth
Phelps, Connie Tomaino, Peter Fonagy, Robert Zatorre, Gil Foley, and
many more.  For more information on the conference, please go to

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