[Neuroscience] Re: Who first thought action potentials cause neurotransmitter release?

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Sun Nov 30 06:26:09 EST 2008

If I recall it propertly, Eccles et al., were more concerned to the
study of synaptic integration (temporal and sumation of EPSPs), whereas
Katz and collegues were more interested in the basic mechanisms of synaptic
transmission. Indeed the calcium dependent neurotransmitter release is
atributed to Katz, Miledi and del Castillo. Eccles and colleagues tended
to think in terms of electrical synapses, while Katz and his colleagues 
believed in a more chemical-type synapse (as they later demonstrated).

The key paper is Katz B, 1969 (where the quantal nature of the
transmitter release is described). This papers also describes "the calcium
hipothesis" of synaptic release.

I would recommend you to take a look to the small article written by Stuart
Cull-Candy and Donald Jenkinson in Nature neuroscience on Kartz death. 
The article is called "Bernard-Katz 1911-2003" and was published on 
July 2003 in Nat neurosci (vol 6 number 7). 

I think the article is free, but just send me an e-mail if you do not 
have access to the magazine, and I will send you a copy.

On 2008-11-30, Bill <connelly.bill from gmail.com> wrote:
> Was it Eccles who first showed that an action potential invades a
> presynaptic terminal, causes Ca2+ influx and neurotransmitter release?
> Anyone know the paper?
> Thanks.

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