[Neuroscience] Re: Effects of weak electric fields on the activity of neurons and neuronal networks

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>| So the case, which includes every-
>| thing that exists in physical reality,
>| like all of "Chemistry" and "Physics"
>| -- because "material" is comprised
>| of 'atoms' which have relatively-dis-
>| tinct and discrete EM reactivities
>| [which is how and why stuff like
>| MRIs work], is Closed -- in the
>| Affirmative.
>| [...]
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Ken, the problem with your notion is that essentially everything we
see everyday is caused by some aspect of electromagnetism.  It
explains all of chemistry, the structure of materials, pretty much
everything except why we don't fall off the earth.   So grand theories
based on electromagnetism are not much use; that is what all theories

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