[Neuroscience] Re: Do you have a voltage clamp amplifier to spare?

J.A.Legris via neur-sci%40net.bio.net (by jalegris from sympatico.ca)
Sat Aug 2 08:22:59 EST 2008

On Aug 1, 10:00 am, "Brenner, Eric" <ebren... from nybg.org> wrote:
> Hello All,
>    I am a young scientist setting up a small plant electrophysiology lab at
> the new Pfizer Plant Research laboratory at the New York Botanical Garden.
> I have scrounged around to gather much of the equipment need for this
> purpose, but am in desperate need for a voltage clamp amplifier.  I was
> hoping that someone in the New York Area might have an extra amplifier that
> they could graciously donate or give as a loan to me.
> With much appreciation,
> --
> Eric D. Brenner, Ph.D
> Assistant Curator
> Project Director
> The New York Plant Genomics Consortium
> International Plant Science Center
> The New York Botanical Garden
> 200th Street and Kazimiroff Blvd.,
> Bronx, NY 10458
> ebren... from nybg.org

In case all else fails, there's one on eBay, as is, for $10.


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