[Neuroscience] Re: Apropos the SciAm article: "It's No Delusion: Evolution May Favor Schizophrenia Genes"

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>I once said to an acquaintance who was an psychiatrist that there was
> linkage between psychosis and intelligence. He just laughed and said that
> was wrong. I knew at the time he was wrong but I wasn't in a putting right
> mood so let it go. The Icelandic epidemiologist John Karlsson first drew
> attention to the linkage. There has always been strong anecdotal evidence.

I found this web document reporting on Jon Karlssons research:

I recommend you to use www.youtube.com to check out the history and 
capabilities of Daniel Tammet (marvelous guy) and people near enough like 

> So one day I went medlining and it didn't take long to realise that the
> linkage is strong but most significantly very strong for the first degree
> relatives of schizophrenics. There's a selection pressure for you, perhaps
> some bad genes being piggy backed on way. Don't know, don't like genetics.
> John Forbes Nash once said the psychotic voices were of similiar origin as
> his mathematical ideas.
> As usually, however ... it came to my attention many years ago that
> homosexuals seem to be rather clever. I came to this conclusion because of
> Turing, Newton(tricky that one), Keynes, Wittgenstein, all leaders in 
> their
> field if not outright pioneers. So I went medlining one day and sure 
> enough
> read as above but linkages not as strong.
> There is also a very strong linkage between literary creativity and
> depression. The studies on that are striking.

The main 'fuel'  [or insidious, more or less successfully ambiadvantageously 
handled dynamic force/factor] behind this particular correlation and behind 
closely related other 'psychological phenomena') is of course CURSES.
> some say faith is dead. Damn fools!

Yes, faith is unfortunately not fading-out as fast as would be favorable for 
'fast-tracking' practical implementations of potential policies that would 
(as far as realistically possible) en masse promote (or increase the degree 
of) ALQholism in people.

[By "faith" I here meant not just irrational and intolerant religious 
beliefs but also any *other* form of irrationality or inertly involved 
psychological obstacles (created by any lifetime challenges whose 
conditioning effects have incapacitated people's otherwise potentially 
optimized overall capacity for analytical AND emotional intelligence).]


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