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> The URL:http://www.sciam.com/article.cfm?articleID=DC9F2509-E7F2-99DF-3621E37...
> Here is my EPT interpretation:
> Schizophrenia is only one aspect (one thus crudely labeled/categorized
> disease - amongst all other "diseases of adaptation") of all the drawbacks
> of - or, all the awful mental/behavioral aberrations and breakdowns that can
> be produced or co-produced by too much adversely impacting stressful
> lifetime challenges, come potentially self-defeatingly stressful
> neurological pressures on - each our overall innate individual capacity
> (most centrally but not only made up by neural/brain functures) to cope
> (including to handle accumulated chronic CURSES) as *AEVASIVEly* as we
> normally can and do.
> P

Ah well, some people need jobs, and will exaggerate
and take gross advantage of anothers weaknesses and
sadness to fill their pockets, thats where psychologies
are dangerous places to be, while other people have a
true gift of common sense and help you out, point out
where they think you're going askew and encourage your
positive interests and how to surmount any practical
difficulties, good friends should do that for you and
better parents. Doctors have no interest in the poor &

I was browsing some years back and hit on a few sites
regards mental health which listed hundreds of people
who are famous for their discoveries & creative work.
There were politicians, scientists, mathematicians, etc
from all walks of life. Of course these people have or
had a support network to help them through or to inspire
them so they could dedicate their time to doing those
things. I wondered sometimes how many trues geniuses
were dumbed down by drugery and drugs, and if people
have a gift that is unfairly and unkindly treated as
'abnormal' then society loses its potential with its
gifted. Obviously not all people are geniuses or gifted
but who knows?

And talking of changes in persona or identities and
changing the subject entirely reminds me about the most
amazing weekend on Second Life, an online virtual
reality platform world that seems to based on real-life
aspirations, where you can be what you like, how you
like, and do what you please as long as you have the
social network and finances to support your interest.
Theres also land dedicated to educational pursuits and
buisness, so people can meet up in cyber world instead
of having to go long haul and theres loads of things to
try out and some really beautiful architecture and wow!
it was terrific!

After singing that line from the Gerry Raffety song
'I had a dream about buying some land, to give up the
booze and one night stand' I thought about developing
some animations and fashions, it then crosses my mind
that I'd probably be checked up by the Tax office,
the welfare office, the social and child services,
the police, the freeloaders or dealers and immigration
control, of course like anywhere on the web there isn't
much privacy but the last thing you want if all you're
doing is experiencing SL for a surf outing is some mental
health team or spotty students of 'life sciences'
critisizing your make-up and number of avatars you've
aquired... however there doesn't appear to be any speed
limit and you can fly from 0 to 60 in about 2 parsecs.

Try it out! although bear it in mind that many people
online have businesses or employees and they have to pay
fair rent, so its best to ask people what their business
is and what and why you're willing to pay for it.

I was only there for a short while so I didn't explore
everything I wanted, such as the groups developing
arts and music, and I guess there must be an island
group for the crazed um...inventors....

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