[Neuroscience] Re: Apropos the SciAm article: "It's No Delusion: Evolution May Favor Schizophrenia Genes"

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Wed Sep 12 04:24:03 EST 2007

I once said to an acquaintance who was an psychiatrist that there was
linkage between psychosis and intelligence. He just laughed and said that
was wrong. I knew at the time he was wrong but I wasn't in a putting right
mood so let it go. The Icelandic epidemiologist John Karlsson first drew
attention to the linkage. There has always been strong anecdotal evidence.
So one day I went medlining and it didn't take long to realise that the
linkage is strong but most significantly very strong for the first degree
relatives of schizophrenics. There's a selection pressure for you, perhaps
some bad genes being piggy backed on way. Don't know, don't like genetics.
John Forbes Nash once said the psychotic voices were of similiar origin as
his mathematical ideas.

As usually, however ... it came to my attention many years ago that
homosexuals seem to be rather clever. I came to this conclusion because of
Turing, Newton(tricky that one), Keynes, Wittgenstein, all leaders in their
field if not outright pioneers. So I went medlining one day and sure enough
read as above but linkages not as strong.

There is also a very strong linkage between literary creativity and
depression. The studies on that are striking.

Being different has its virtues? Could be true, very easy for humans to get
sucked in, we rely so much on what everyone around us is saying is true and
some say faith is dead. Damn fools!

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> Here is my EPT interpretation:
> Schizophrenia is only one aspect (one thus crudely labeled/categorized
> disease - amongst all other "diseases of adaptation") of all the drawbacks
> of - or, all the awful mental/behavioral aberrations and breakdowns that
> be produced or co-produced by too much adversely impacting stressful
> lifetime challenges, come potentially self-defeatingly stressful
> neurological pressures on - each our overall innate individual capacity
> (most centrally but not only made up by neural/brain functures) to cope
> (including to handle accumulated chronic CURSES) as *AEVASIVEly* as we
> normally can and do.
> P

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