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*>* > Hi everyone, I've got a question.
*>* > Is there any substance in a neuron which would be enhanced or increased at
*>* > spiking and would decrease or attenuate after spiking in a
period over 10 to
*>* > 100 milliseconds?
*>* > Thanks very much
*>* > regards
*>* > <HTML><BODY><br clear=all><br>-- <br>May the force be with you<br>Dong
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*>* I may be misunderstanding you; but wouldn't calcium fit the bill?
*>* Sodium too.
>inversely, potassium.

_________________________________________(how on earth to do a

to specify the quesition,  below the work i've been doing for anyone
who might be interested.

i'm trying to understand how strucutre of neuron network affect its
function, so I constructed a simulated environment, in which lived a
creature.  I gave it a simple artificial neuron network, let the
connection effciency of which to evolve under a certain rule.
Here the rule is the rule:
once the creature found a food by a random moving, some factor will be
relased, and it will make the spiked neurons enhance its connections
with the
other spiked ones, in a order of time. That's to say, if some neurons
spiked in a sequence, and brought later a positive effect, the
connections between
these neurons would enhance and thus form a continuous spiking sequence.

The model is success, and I am trying to find the true factors in the
real brain to let the mechanism happen, and i found that 1.NO would be
relased after a
certain feeing like pain.  2. NO could increase the Ca2+ import 3.
Ca2+ would induce a CREB phosphoralation, which would further induce a
translation of certain
protein and enhance the synapse effeciency.

The question is, when the neuron spiked for the first time, NO would
be relased from post-synapse too. But only the relase of NO associated
with certain feeling at a later time(for example,
the neurons spiked in a sequence and finally some motor neuron is
spiked and food is captured 1 minutes later)  can  enhance the
So I need to know,
whether CREB would increase after the first spiking and would a later
NO relase (for example 1 minutes later) would make it
there is something else that would increase after the first time
spiking, and will function as a time-recorder and later when a
positive effect signal relased, it would help enhance the connections
another neuron whose time-recorder said that it was spiked at a later time?

so...any idea?

May the force be with you
Dong Xu
Biology Department, Xiamen University
Fu Rong 104,Xiamen University

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