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> The question is, when the neuron spiked for the first time, NO would
> be relased from post-synapse too. But only the relase of NO associated
> with certain feeling at a later time(for example,
> the neurons spiked in a sequence and finally some motor neuron is
> spiked and food is captured 1 minutes later)  can  enhance the
> connection.
> So I need to know,
> whether CREB would increase after the first spiking and would a later
> NO relase (for example 1 minutes later) would make it
> phosphoralation)?
> or
> there is something else that would increase after the first time
> spiking, and will function as a time-recorder and later when a
> positive effect signal relased, it would help enhance the connections
> with
> another neuron whose time-recorder said that it was spiked at a later 
> time?
> so...any idea?

Perhaps it would good for you to find out if some relevant research has 
already been done - too avoid unnecessery duplication and waste of your time 
and other resources.
Here is one link that might be useful: 



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