[Neuroscience] Flicker Fusion Threshold Examples

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Thu Jul 5 10:11:59 EST 2007

I'm fascinating by the flicker fusion threshold.  I read that humans
can percieve individual frames below 16 frames per second (and because
modern movie projection operates at 8 frames/sec faster than that at
24 frames per second, we see "seemingly seemless motion" instead of
the reality of 24 different frames in sixty seconds.  In other words,
with a new "slide" about every 4.2 (4.16) milliseconds it looks like
seemless motion in the movies, but the new slides can occur as slowly
as every 6.25 milliseconds (at 16 frames/second) and it will still
look like seemless motion to our visual cotex's processing of the
retina's imagery.

Fasinating and Dandy (Did you know, btw, that sharks have a flicker
fusion rate of twice that of humans at 45 frames per second?" (http://
so while were watching movies, they're still seeing that in slide-show

Finally, the question.....

Where can I get a sampling of, say, the same video footage at 4 fps, 8
fps 10 fps, 14 fps 15 fps 16fps, 17 fps, 18 fps, 24 -32 fps, and 45

What program can I use to adjust the fps?  Thanks again! really
appreciate it!

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