[Neuroscience] Re: Carotenoid Transport into the RPE

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  I'm NOT disagreeing with you AT ALL. However, let me reiterate something 
that I implied earlier; inferential statistics are concerned with the 
estimation of POPULATION PARAMETERS. They, pretty much literally, have 
NOTHING to say about individuals, and individuals are what medicine (perhaps 
as opposed to epidemiology) is about. Just something to think about, Bro. 
Ask yourself this (not able to "leave it alone"), what does the "mean 
response" tell you, and what are the problems with this measure.

Your Friend,

"John H." <johnh from goawayplease.com> wrote in message 
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> Don,
> We just received a bucket of studies from the principle researcher in the 
> Blue Mountains study. Her suggestion, and I tend to agree with it, is that 
> zinc is protective. Understand that drusen and lipofuscin contains all 
> sorts of things, even amyloid. The problem is failure of phagocytosis via 
> cd 36 at the RPE and additionally insufficient lysosomal degradation. Keep 
> the focus on Lutein and zeaxanthin.
> John.
> "Don W" <dwilgus from prodigy.net> wrote in message 
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>> John,
>>  Noticed (after I sent the last note) that a/the LAST study (Lutein 
>> antioxidant supplementation 2004 study) also tied in macular pigment 
>> increases with lutein intake _and_ the acuity increases.  And just 
>> recently (as far as my (this early am) searches) there is a LAST II study 
>> report in Optometry (May 2007) by Richer that discusses macular pigment 
>> increases (please see PubMed if interested).  To me, this is most 
>> profound, take is to take a supplement and to see (and measure (several 
>> techniques available, also!!)) the result.  And hopefully, have possible 
>> acuity increases in this process.  Will try to get the full Aleman's 
>> paper and Richer's paper. Abstracts leave out too much.
>>  So where are we with what you think the zinc level should be?
>>  Re wired implants:  There is something bothersome to see a neuron axon 
>> (dendrite) draped across a silicon substrate tied to a terminal post. 
>> Wireless anyone?
>>  Other stuff .... later.
>> Don W.

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