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> look at this one first (as you are relactant to follow the "visual" or 
> "language" lead:
> The human brain is intrinsically organized into
> dynamic, anticorrelated functional networks
> Michael D. Fox*?, Abraham Z. Snyder*?, Justin L. Vincent*, Maurizio 
> Corbetta?, David C. Van Essen§,
> and Marcus E. Raichle*?§¶
> Then Look at one lab at Yale's Kavli Institute, find David McCormick's 
> page (he has a very interesting lab), then do to his publications and find 
> this one:
> Neuronal Networks: Flip-Flops in
> the Brain

Hi Konstantin

At a mere glance at your post it looks like the above might (?) support my 
metaphorical musings (or, to me both an enlightening philosophical take and 
an entertaining philosophical thesis) that mutual inhibition between 
functionally incompatible actention modules is the most general rule of a 
competition between such modules within the arena of individual "actention 
selection systems"; and that 'talanted' when first ontogenetically brought 
on line actention modules may be well or badly 'trained' for future such 
competing, and that modules of ongoing competitions are concurrently cheered 
and/or booed, by environmental influences.

Moreover, a most likely lifelong insidious effect of 'bad training' [by what 
according to my MAD-inspired etymologically pioneering terminology are 
situations that "slowly or hastily induce traumatized states" or "synaptic 
hibernation imploring type situations)] can be a by such situations 
"conditioned-in" (and thereafter endogenous) motivating stimulation that may 
(no less EPTly) be called "CURSES (to use the shortest version of this 
acronymic concEPT).

Best wishes,


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