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>other studies
>demonstrating that occasionally, long after the initial injury, ongoing
>inflammation and cell loss is evidenced. There are a number of studies
>like this but they are hard to find.

Two comments:

1. The evidence that the actuall connectivity problems take place with a 
considerable delay are just emerging. Some suggest the DTI shots should be 
taken not only initially, but some weeks later, no matter where, i.e. 
frontally or in the intratentorial structures.
2. Brain stem is being considered as a frequent source of stable problems, 
although it is the brain area which is very hard to impossible to assess, 
i.e. there is a lot of guessing going on. The methods are getting better, 
though. The following is one reference about it:

Volume 23, Number 5, 2006
© Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.
Pp. 000–000
Early Morphologic and Spectroscopic Magnetic Resonance in
Severe Traumatic Brain Injuries Can Detect “Invisible Brain
Stem Damage” and Predict “Vegetative States”


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