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>TomS wrote:
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>> >And frogs, amphibian, can be placed in a pot of warm water, and the
>> >temperature raised, and the frog will set there until its boiling (or
>> >is this another common legend?)
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>> Unfortunately, this appears to be a legend. The only reference that I
>> have is this:
>> <http://www.fastcompany.com/online/01/frog.html>
>The things we were taught in school...

As the web site indicates, frogs generally leap out of confining
situations including deep pools of water at whatever temperature.
Still frogs die at quite "modest" temperatures, at least modest by our
own standards.  They generally do not well tolerate water as warm as
35C and die below 40C.  In other words, they cannot live at our own
body temperature.  

If you confine frogs to a cooking pot, they will be dead long before
the water reaches lethal, scalding temperatures.  The same goes for
lobsters.  Dropping them into boiling water  is another story.

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