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[Neuroscience] Re: Depression, behavior, and Neurobiology

John H. j_hasenkam at yahoo.com.au
Wed May 24 22:41:47 EST 2006

Very good point but one I avoided because of the potential broadness of
the topic. Nonetheless clinicians are often forced into quick fix
solutions because  of the  public health system and HMOs. Yet the
evidence is now abundant that depression can be treated through a
variety of means and given that antidepressants still have question
marks over the long term use it is advisable, wherever possible, for
the clinician to extend the treatment plan beyond just drugs.

I am not going down the road of the scientologists, they are too busy
denying reality and rely too much on anecdotal evidence. But to remain
quiet, to say nothing, that is just as bad and sadly many clinicians
are forced into "say nothing stance" because their careers and
professional status could be in peril.

As to the genetics side there is great value there but it is worth
keeping in mind: Genes load the gun and the environment pulls the
trigger. Nice quip by some unknown wit.

Whereas economics the realities of modern clinical practice often
preclude the wider approach to treatment regimes it is at least
conceivable that clinicians can proffer advice to patients to encourage
them to seek out a wider range of treatment alternatives. Hell, even
meditation can help but of course for a depressed person meditation can
be almost impossible. Exercise can also have remarkable effects.


konstantin kouzovnikov wrote:
> >established, or may not even exist?  These seem to be the basic issues,
> >without getting into the genetics of the various subtypes of serotonin and
> >norepinephrine receptors.
> Would it be reasonable to add another issue here? The short cuts that
> clinical professionals make in the majority of the cases are consequences of
> the public health system promoting either the non-existent or "affordable"
> assessment procedures. In the vast majority of the cases, should the
> clinicians to be allowed to do comprehensive/interdisciplinary assessments,
> these dilemmas can be readily solved within the procedures well known among
> practicing clinicians together with a very measured approach for the use of
> antidepressants, very helpful in assisting many individuals to re-gain the
> state when they actually able to use the benefits of their own and the
> clinicians' insigts.
> KK
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