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[Neuroscience] A diagrammatic "habituation/repression GABA/GABA+opioids" hypothesis

Peter F 19eimc_minus19 at ozemail.com.au
Tue May 2 23:42:15 EST 2006


                             |             |
                         Phasic    Tonic


Both functions can be augmented by a thus
rendered lopsided "lateral inhibition" (meant in a generalized sense)
between innate (reflexive) as well as acquired (learnt)
"actention modules".

["Activity" + "attention" => "actention".]

Repression (most especially) can become
*chronically insidiously motivated* as a result of LTP changes
to neurons whose subsequent efferent signals would, unless somehow
synaptically gated, energize (i.e. provide the most central endogenous
motivation behind) pain/distress/flight-fight and fear type
"focuses of actention" (i.e. from simple withdrawal reflexes to the most
intensely and profoundly engaging feelings - potentially 'a processing 
overload' - of psychophysiological pain).

I suggest the term CURSES [short for, "conditioned-in"
unconsciously remembered stressors, effecting symptoms]
as an alternative to "primal pain" (or "Pain" - Janov's jargon),
and the implicitly referred to kind of memories, or neural imprints,
behind PTSD.

[BTW, a CURSES is always naturally 'put' -
e.g. by traumatically adverse social influences/factors -
into a Nervous (or "Actention Selecting") System. ;-)]

("Engram" is, in my rightly or wrongly prejudiced opinion,
too general, bland, and euphemistic a term to deserve to be counted.
Yet, I can not deny that scientologists seems to use it for
referring to roughly the same phenomenon as CURSES, or Pain stands for.)

In general, "actentions" range from simple regular and irregular and more or 
less vital
muscle-work involving reflexes to the most sophisticated practical and/or 
theoretical (or mental), pastime or professional (e.g. professorial), 
preoccupations or pursuits.

All actentions may *reflect* the internal presence of CURSES/primal pain 
(e.g. as in a chronically elevated pulse or heart rate, a shallow and/or 
sighing-prone breathing, an a too fast or too slow peristalsis); And all 
*non-regular and less vital* actentions may in addition
*actively preclude* - by all the inhibitory means available to "lateral 
inhibition" - the accumulated presence and potentially acute precariousness 
of primal pain from becoming an acutely unleashed, actually self-defeatingly 
precarious, neuroelectric "pressure".

In that sense, a CURSES type imprint and its potential to energize a 
self-defeatingly distressful
Pain specific (trauma specific) focus/paying of actention may be prevented 
from becoming maladaptively expressed (e.g. as paranoia) because a person 
with this kind of imprint has had the innate AEVASIVE (~ 
creatively/procreatively CURSES handling) talents and environmental 
opportunities to acquire the skills and mental preoccupational habits 
typical of a professor of philosophy or physics (or any other self-defeating 
distress averting actentions that is co-motivated by and at the same 
sufficiently confining of CURSES.

Thus many an occupation/hobby/lifestyle/attitude should be presumed to
be classifiable as addictive actentions.

AEVASIVE approximately stands for (leaving out many qualifications):

"Ambi-advantageously Evolved"
[referring to by heirtable mutation arisen functions or traits that became 
in the phylogeny of fauna and folk because they best met the "coping 
caused by the frequent lifetime coincidences of environmental opportunity 
type pressures,
and the subtype of adversity type selective pressures that can be more 
thoroughly and disntinktly defined, unusually freshly conceptualized, along 
the linse of "Specific/Synaptic Hibernation (in contrast to general 
hibernation) Imploring Type Stressors]
Veritable Actention Selection/System,
Incorporating (in their central and quite instructive role, but of course 
amongst many other transmitters)
Various Endoopiates (or Endorphins - if used as a generic term for 
endogenous opioids).


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