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  1. [Neuroscience] How to do extracellular recordings with glas micropipettes?   tehgabriel at web.de
  2. [Neuroscience] Last Call For Papers: conferences on computer science, engineering, applied computing: June 26-29, 2006, USA   hra at cs.uga.edu
  3. [Neuroscience] Re: entorhinal cortex   Petra
  4. [Neuroscience] Re: entorhinal cortex   Petra
  5. [Neuroscience] Re: What is this device called?? I can't find it   tehgabriel at web.de
  6. [Neuroscience] Advice/Opinion Needed on Good EEG Conferences   Brenneman
  7. [Neuroscience] Re: Electrical Synapses..   jason
  8. [Neuroscience] Re: Neural Network public domain software?   jason
  9. [Neuroscience] Biocytin and double-labelling in EM   Linda Hassinger
  10. [Neuroscience] EKG/EEG Software Compatibility   vjp2.at at at.BioStrategist.dot.dot.com
  11. [Neuroscience] Re: entorhinal cortex   Petra
  12. [Neuroscience] Call for Papers: IMECS 2006 (the multiconference of 14 engineering & computer science conferences)   imecs__2006 at iaeng.org
  13. [Neuroscience] Re: entorhinal cortex   Peter F
  14. [Neuroscience] DEADLINE EXTENDED for OBUPM-2006 Workshop at GECCO 2006   Peter A.N. Bosman
  15. [Neuroscience] Spikes and Wavelets   Jeff Beeler
  16. [Neuroscience] FW: THE BRIDGE AT MIDNIGHT TREMBLES - a new award winning film about a man with Parkinson's Disease.   Esben Storm
  17. [Neuroscience] Human Skulls   Richard Kaye
  18. [Neuroscience] Complexity through Development and Self-Organizing Representations, at GECCO in Seattle on July 8-12, 2006 (2nd CFP)   Ivan Garibay
  19. [Neuroscience] RIP Jimmy Schwartz   Kalman Rubinson
  20. [Neuroscience] Re: Making sense of it all.   r norman
  21. [Neuroscience] LTP in the mouse primary visual cortex   Vero
  22. [Neuroscience] Hypsarrhythmia   A.Langton
  23. [Neuroscience] Fwd: ICNC'06-FSKD'06   bai ye
  24. [Neuroscience] Faculty position at the University of Calcutta   Ansuman Lahiri
  25. [Neuroscience] MIND & BRAIN Prize 2006 Announcement   Valeria.Manera at gmail.com
  26. [Neuroscience] post doc on neural stem cells in Montpellier, France   hugnot at univ-montp2.fr
  27. [Neuroscience] Bioengineering professor hopes to mimic the brain on a chip   technology_post at yahoo.com
  28. [Neuroscience] Second Call for Papers: Special Issue on Bioinformatics (The journal Engineering Letters)   imecs_2006 at iaeng.org
  29. [Neuroscience] Distant connections between neurons   chadmaester
  30. [Neuroscience] Re: Distant connections between neurons   chadmaester
  31. [Neuroscience] Re: Distant connections between neurons   chadmaester
  32. [Neuroscience] Brain and awarness   Johan
  33. [Neuroscience] To AE (was making sense...)   Glen M. Sizemore
  34. [Neuroscience] Love deprivation seems a plausible to be crucially involved cause behind many cases of SIDS   Peter F
  35. [Neuroscience] Re: Distant connections between neurons   feedbackdroids at yahoo.com
  36. [Neuroscience] whole cell recording from dispersed neurons   Bradley M. Cooke

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