[Neuroscience] Re: New Scientist article: "Are child abuse andschizophrenia linked?"

Peter F 19eimc_minus19 at ozemail.com.au
Fri Jun 23 06:51:15 EST 2006

Thanks again, John!
What can I say - you are a rich source
(and make me a privileged recipient) of relevant predigested
and to me very tasty information.
It is like I am being spoon-fed with sobering/balancing
scientific stuff (what I in my whacky ways would call
"SEPTIC" - an mean it in its my most seriously acronymic sense).

It is all very easy for my pEPTic juices to handle, and I'm
not at all attitudinally allergic to (not reluctant to accept) the 
and nutritional dimension of our cognitive/emotional/behavioral
"diseases of adaptations"

> Peter,
> the trouble with our accs is these are so limited, it takes a lot of
> training and patience to learn to appreciate the multiplicity of
> causative factors and to recognise that it is only because we are so
> stupid that we so often resort to simplistic explanations.
> Incidentally, training can improve short term memory and just about any
> cogntive function, even working memory capacity, though I must confess
> I have always found that 7 +- 2 explanation a little wanting ... . Any
> hints on how to improve our accs????

I most certainly don't wish to see any changes in how you
view, remember things relevant to, and account for, these things.

> Mad and proud of it,

Good on you!

That is far better (IMO) than being a damned dope. ;-)


If I am not deluded, my awareness of how we get to
be how we are is not as I am not as lopsided as it might appear.

But I cannot deny that I'm taking my largely futile and to an
important extent CURSES-driven but to me rather satisfyingly absorbing fight 
against what I dammit full well know to be [%-\] an in our phylogeny fairly 
persistently naturally selected-in fault (a contradiction of terms only on 
the surface) with the faculties of folk to, and positively often off, the 
of what is normally acceptable and understandable;

I.e., the core of what I perversely care to try to convey (about this aspect 
of What Is going on) by means of essentially SEPTIC (~ science-aligned) 
concEPTs, can as a matter of the likewise perverse principle, normally and 
typically NOT be understood by people.

What an infernal natural irony! :-(

By "absorbing" I above meant, in a rather concrete
sense, that the neuroelectric energy of primal pain (CURSES)
being *relatively* safely (and accEPTably) 'soaked up' -
as in channelled and AEVASIVEly handled and spent
on rEPTilian escapades on the Internet.

The essence of this *evolutionary part* of what I surely know (though of 
only very approximately so) is resupplied immediately below.

 "Situations" (i.e. environmental factors that for any
length of time affect or interact with individual
'candidates for ancestorhood') that in the phylogeny of fauna
(especially neural fauna) have naturally selected for
individuals/phenotypes that whilst they are being adversely
challenged -- that is, here specifically, challenged by concurrent
and/or "conditioned-in" (most importantly stored
by way of 'Long-Term Potentiation type' changes)
environmental features that are unavoidable through any
muscle generated movement AND that *in the absence* of adequate
self-inhibiting neural "defenses" (ditto coping mechanisms)
are destined to cause (by way of preexisting instincts) self-defeating
pain/distress or fear/flight or rage/fight type responses -- 
can and will keep on perceiving and moving (or behaving)
in ways that will allow them to take (or exploit) environmentally
offered procreation promoting opportunities.

Best wishes and regards,

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