[Neuroscience] Re: How many neurons are used?

Peter F 19eimc_minus19 at ozemail.com.au
Sun Jun 18 03:47:11 EST 2006

"Matthew Kirkcaldie" <m.kirkcaldie at removethis.unsw.edu.au> wrote in message 
news:m.kirkcaldie-1FAE7E.09415718062006 at un-2park-reader-01.sydney.pipenetworks.com...
> Thanks for your questions Chad - even when there is no answer it's a
> great reminder of the gulf between what we know and what we would like
> to know ... !

Hello Matthew,

[Please don't take this interjection personally!

You probably won't believe it but you have
earnt my goodwill.

My old USENET posting habits die hard; and in the process of
dying and decaying they seem to be drawn to decent
and familiar identities. :->]

It remains, that what is ALREADY known is consistently
and quite normally and naturally NOT
'enlighteningly pieced together' (logically associated)
to the extent it can potentially be.

That kind of stupidity is what niggles me [with my excEPTional
AEVASIVE (>=neurotic)  personality] most of all. %-\

Long live those that are oblivious!


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