[Neuroscience] Job posting - Research Programmer I

Shalini Dhiman shalini at ISI.EDU
Mon Jun 12 17:28:18 EST 2006

Research Programmer - Biomedical Knowledge Engineering Project
The USC Viterbi School of Engineering's Information Sciences Institute
(ISI) is in Marina del Rey, California overlooking the Pacific Ocean.
ISI is one of the world's leading research centers in the fields of computer
science and information technology. ISI provides a beautiful and highly
creative environment with top researchers involved in cutting edge research
and technology (see http://www.isi.edu/). Researchers and teams in ISI's
Intelligent Systems Division have received numerous honors for their work
(see http://www.isi.edu/divisions/div3/). 

The Intelligent Systems Division is establishing a group to address research
questions concerned with biomedical knowledge engineering by working in
close collaboration with local ISI-based experts (specializing in Artificial
Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Ontologies, Logic and Knowledge
Acquisition, Networking & Grid
Computing) and with biomedical specialists from the rich research community
at USC (based in the neuroscience, computational biology and medical
communities at USC). 

We are seeking an individual to act as primary programmer within this
research group. Our immediate goals center around the NeuroScholar and
NeuARt II systems (see http://www.neuroscholar.org/). Immediate future
developments will include the development of Natural Language Processing
capabilities, coupled with the incorporation of scientific reasoning into
our knowledge engineering approach. We are committed to developing systems
that may be used by bench scientists and therefore are investigating the
development of a tablet-based interface for use by biomedical scientists. 

Qualifications: Master's Degree with one year experience required with minor
in biology preferred. Expertise within both machine-learning and some field
of biomedicine is essential (Neuroscience is preferred, but not required).
Additional requirements include: experience with user interface design,
ontologies, and natural language processing/machine learning; demonstrated
creativity and innovation in solving conceptual programming problems;
competent to work independently on complex programming. Other important
qualities include: a strong commitment to research; good teamwork skills;
high standards of productivity, innovation and impeccability; a demonstrated
capability to produce working deployable systems.

Please apply at:  http://www.usc.edu/bus-affairs/ers/jobs/20616.html
The University of Southern California is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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