[Neuroscience] Re: Explaination of the direction of field potentials

Bill connelly.bill at gmail.com
Tue Jun 6 23:29:34 EST 2006

Bill wrote:
> Hi,
> This may seem like a very simply question, but I've heard two different
> electrophysiologists (both of whom publish in fancy journals as a
> matter of course) give two different explanations as to why field
> potentials of action potentials recorded from a cell body region (e.g.
> Stratum Pyramidale of CA1) are positive, while field potentials caused
> by dendritic excitation (e.g. Stratum Radiatum of CA1) are negative.
> What is your understanding of this?
> Thanks,

Correction: Why is the field potential in stratum pyramidale that is
NOT the action potential, i.e. the EPSP, positive, while the EPSP
recorded in the dentrites negative?

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