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[Neuroscience] Re: entorhinal cortex

Peter F 19eimc_minus19 at ozemail.com.au
Tue Feb 28 05:29:54 EST 2006

"Matthew Kirkcaldie" <m.kirkcaldie at removethis.unsw.edu.au> wrote in message 
news:m.kirkcaldie-61DAD8.22325727022006 at un-2park-reader-01.sydney.pipenetworks.com...
> In article <lDULf.6033$Zw.35 at bgtnsc04-news.ops.worldnet.att.net>,
> "Psiclone" <nunya at biz.net> wrote:
>> right, i thought alzheimers was a amyloid protien build up, not a trauma
>> induced alpha state so psychic detatchment occurs to prevent painful
>> memories,  or whatever, it's late and i may have misread something
>> somewhere.. if so, sorry...
>> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amyloid
> You'd be with the majority of scientific opinion in this view.  Truth is
> often the first casualty of UseNet.

Dear Matthew,

You sound like someone who is
both conservative and committed to teaching.

Scientific and social progress typically
partly involves that  'crazy' or uncomfortable hypothesizers
and idea-hatchers stick
their necks out.

If I am misinformed about something,
or base my proposals, speculations, and interpretations
of "What Is (actually) going on" on false facts,
then I would not only accept *but be grateful* for
any specific corrective advice.

However, I am afraid that because of some sort of
word-blindness-manifested type of brain-"weakness"
(a problem that seem specific to when I write in English) you will have to 
get used to that I trip us (myself and others) up in many of my utterances 
on the Usenet. :-<

(Weirdly enough, I seem not to be too bad
at spotting mistakes in other people's
written English.)

Yours duly respectfully,


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