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[Neuroscience] CLARIFICATION

kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Fri Sep 16 19:46:31 EST 2005

"kenneth collins" <kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote in message 
news:_LzWe.48557$qY1.40005 at bgtnsc04-news.ops.worldnet.att.net...
| [...]

| Those aren't cross-posts. They are a calculated
| recurring attempt to flood bionet.neuroscience
| via a "robot" responder that regurgitates non-
| sense snippets, attaching legitimate user IDs
| to the nonsense 'msgs'.
| [...]


In the above, I was ='presuming'= because,
a while back, I realized that, if I "read" stuff
that was posted by others, here in b.n, my
machine would, somehow, be 'hacked', and
I'd have to rebuild it.

[This Probably occurred via a 'hacked' servers
in the chain that my PC accessed in particular
correlation to the posts I "read", and, realizing
that, the only 'way' in which I could avoid this
particular form of 'attack' upon my Inet PC was
to not 'walk' those extended server chains.]

I got 'tired' of doing rebuilding my Inet PC, so
[with Sorrow that I cannot tell] I stopped "read"-
ing others' posts.

My comments in my preceding post [linked-to
above] reflected my 'presumption', based upon
the similarity inherent in "header"-occurrence
with former instances of the 'flooding'-attacks
on bionet.neuroscience.

If I've 'presumed' Wrongly, I =Apologize=, but,
since I 'cannot' "read" others' posts, there's
'nothing I can do', currently, to Discern more-

Further partially-correlated comments:

I'm =Fiercely= in "Battle-Mode", and Keen
with respect to the Obligations that fall to-me,
both be-cause of that and be-cause the present
'moment' is a Crucial one with respect to the
understanding that I've been working to Com-
municate to folks.

I'm doing 'all' I can to =just= allow the "play-
ing-field" to remain "Clear" so that folks can
have Opportunity [if they want to] to =just=
do the information-processing work inherent
in understanding the stuff that I've been discus-
sing during the past couple of 'months'.

I Choose, thusly, be-cause the 'moment' is
"Delicate", and Delicately-'balanced', in terms
of the TD E/I-minimization dynamics occurring
within folks' nervous systems.

If folks understood what's at-stake in this
'moment', they'd also understand why I find
recurrences of 'attacks', of any kind, upon
the just-Communicating-ness 'within' this
'moment' to be so Offensive.

I've been long-Aware that folks I Consider
to be Friends post out-of-thread msgs when-
ever I've Succeeded in carrying my discus-
sions of NDT and TH to 'new-levels', and
I've always been =ONLY= Grateful upon
my witnessing of such, interpreting it as
Gentle "pat-on-the-back" stuff that's being
done with Care be-cause of certain 'stuff'
that I've discussed in long-former posts.

[Whether I'm "right" or "wrong", =don't
respond= to what's immediately-above.

Everything's still "'two'-hot".

For 'now', Know that folks' Courage, that
I've Witnessed as above, has been, for me,
a 'Sustaining' thing.

Later, long-"after the dust has settled", if
I'm wrong, then "let me have it" real-good :-]

Anyway, there's Immensely-more that remains
to be shared with folks, and I want only to
get on with that.

But, I'm Sorry, =this= 'moment' is =Crucial=,
and I 'must' Guard it.

Hence, this Unfortunate 'digression'.

Try to Understand -- my resources are
way-substandard, but I'm still Obliged
to Do what Needs to be done.

It leaves me little 'leeway' with 'respect'
to Superfluous stuff.

It's fallen to me to just 'have to' do the One
thing, no matter what anyone else does.

Folks whose "Home" is here in b.n are
=Deep= in-my-'heart'.

I'm in "Battle-Mode" =FOR= You.

I Love You in that way.

k. p. collins 

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