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[Neuroscience] Neuroscience group discussion has strayed out of Bionet charter

BIOSCI Administrator biosci at bio.indiana.edu
Thu Sep 15 23:39:24 EST 2005

Most of the postings to the BIOSCI/Bionet group
NEUROSCIENCE/bionet.neuroscience over the past year has been
outside the charter of this group, often cross-postings from
sci.psychology.misc or other Usenet groups more appropriate to their

As administrator of BIOSCI/Bionet news, I ask that this cross-posting
stop, and that postings to bionet.neuroscience adhere to the charter
below, where "physiologists, computational neuroscientists,
molecular biologists, and behavioral scientists .. discuss the
function, evolution, and structure of biologic nervous systems. "

Those of you readers who wish to have bionet.neuroscience
continue under this charter should recommend a moderator
for this group to filter out off-topic posts.  An alternative
if there is no interest in continuing under this charter
is to cancel this newsgroup.

Thank you,

Don Gilbert
BIOSCI Admin; email biosci-help at net.bio.net


Information for NEUROSCIENCE/bionet.neuroscience
e-mail address:     neur-sci at net.bio.net

Charter for NEUROSCIENCE/bionet.neuroscience

      It is herein proposed that a Usenet newsgroup be created for the
exchange of scientific ideas under the multi-disciplinary rubric of
bionet.neuroscience. The group, while welcoming and encouraging the
participation of computer scientists, will not focus on artificial
intelligence or neural nets, as there are newsgroups already on the
Usenet dedicated to these topics. Rather, scientists such as
physiologists, computational neuroscientists, molecular biologists,
and behavioral scientists would be encouraged to interact through this
medium to discuss the function, evolution, and structure of biologic
nervous systems. It would also be a place for researchers to sound out
novel theories and to facilitate collaborations.  Discussions of
abstracts would be appropriate. It is recognised that neuroscientists
tend to be computer literate to an extent that would suggest a
justifiable volume for newsgroup creation.

Charter for BIOSCI/Bionet newsgroups, http://www.bio.net/

BIOSCI/Bionet is a set of electronic communication forums - the bionet USENET
newsgroups and parallel e-mail lists - used by biological scientists worldwide.
No fees are charged for the service.

BIOSCI promotes communication between professionals in the biological sciences.
All postings to the newsgroups should be made in that spirit. While the general
public may "listen in" to the discussions, these newsgroups are intended
primarily for communications between researchers. There are other forums on
Usenet such as sci.bio.misc for the asking and answering of biological questions
from lay persons. 

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