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[Neuroscience] Re: Physiological concentrations of dopamine and glutamate???

kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Wed Sep 7 01:35:48 EST 2005

Happy 116th Independence Day! [1889] Brazil.

<tehgabriel at web.de> wrote in message news:1126019609.603128.219200 at g44g2000cwa.googlegroups.com...

Does anybody know references that report in vivo concentrations of
dopamine and glutamate within the cortex (of rats)?
I used application of D1 agonist SKF38393 (1-10 µM) and NMDA (same
range) and discussed with a colleague of mine if these concentrations
are somehow related to those (of dopamine and glutamate) that may be
found within an intact brain.

Thanks for any idea! Would spare me a really tremendous literature

Best regards,

Discussion follows.

[Note: In the "Automation of Knowing..." ms. [AoK],
the phrase, "Duality Theory", refers to "Neuroscientific
Duality Theory".]

Quoting from the position I gave in AoK:

"APPENDIX 9 - IF TD E/I[-minimization] IS

With  respect  to  the  primacy  of  the  TD E/I-minimization
principle that  is asserted  by Duality  Theory, one question
looms importantly.  If the  functioning of  the CNS  revolves
tightly  around  TD  E/I  minimization,  then  why do so many
different excitatory  and inhibitory  neurotransmitters exist
within  it?  If  TD  E/I-minimization  is the only thing with
which the biology of the central nervous system is concerned,
then  wouldn't  just  two  neurotransmitter  substances, one
excitatory and one inhibitory, be adequate?

Duality  Theory  holds   that  the  various   excitatory  and
inhibitory neurotransmitter substances constitute a system of
tuneable chemical "insulation". This set of things, which  is
referred to as  "functional multiplexing" within  the theory,
creates "selective  electricity" that  permits the  CNS to be
wired  up  in  an  especially-compact  and efficient way. The
various neurotransmitters allow portions of its circuitry  to
be  used  redundantly   within  different  circuits   without
creating  cross-circuit  interference.  This  has substantial
advantages  which  include  the  elimination  of the need for
entire  levels  of  supersystem  integration  circuitry,  the
minimization of  CNS bulk,  the minimization  of neural fiber
lengths with  an associated  reduction of  energy consumption
and,   most-importantly,   the   minimization   of   response
latencies.  These  things   greatly  enhance  an   organism's
propensity  for  survival.  Thus,  within Duality Theory, the
various transmitter substances  constitute a "kit  of tools",
albeit  a  substantial  one,  that  renders  the  global   TD
E/I-minimization process more efficient.

[Jump button:
The only way that it can be shown that the  neurotransmitters
constitute more than such "tools"  is to show that they  undo
the special topological homeomorphism  [...] so  that it
no  longer  exists.  Otherwise,  the   relatively-specialized
neurochemically-mediated dynamics must operate in  accordance
with  the  reality  of  that  globally-integrated  structural
organization. [This is the "domain" Condition that I refer-
enced in the comments I posted 'yesterday' with respect
to the analogous "domain" Condition in Albert Einstein's
"Relativity Theories.]]

Duality Theory  holds that  neurochemical deficits  cannot be
associated  with  single  behavioral  deficits. Rather, since
neurotransmitters act as switch-junction building blocks, any
particular  neurochemical  deficit  occurs  as  a  variety of
partial behavioral deficits. Furthermore, spatially-separated
occurrences of any neurotransmitter substance do not have any
necessary behaviorally-relevant commonality which  supercedes
that which exists within  the underlying neural topology.  If
there  is  a  natural  "barrier"  (spatial,  glial,  and   at
microscopic levels, active  breakdown and/or re-uptake)  that
separates  neurotransmitter  locations,  then a neurochemical
can be reused in a  second circuit having a function that is
independent  of   a  first   circuit  that   uses  the   same
neurotransmitter.  Physical   separation  obviates   chemical
(electrical) separation.

[Jump button:
Therefore, Duality Theory holds that artificial (non-natural)
applications of  neurochemical substances  which do  not take
the microscopic and global realities of the underlying neural
network into account cannot produce a fully functional global
system. This, of course,  includes all applications of  drugs
by any means  other than tissue  transplant, and even  in the
case of tissue transplant, the degree to which the transplant
is  able  to  replicate  the  naturally-occurring circuitry's
macroscopic and microscopic topology limits the effectiveness
of the transplant. These considerations are also impacted  by
the  prior  "learning"  (microscopic  neuronal modifications)
that the global system has experienced.

Jump button:
See "Transplantation  in the  Central Nervous  System", by A.
Fine,  SCIENTIFIC  AMERICAN,  Volume  255,  Number 2, August,
1986, p. 52. This  article shows that tissue  transplants do,
at least  to a  degree, reconstruct  portions of  the special
topological  homeomorphism,  and,  thus,  are governed by it.
This article  also discusses,  and depicts  diagrammatically,
bilaterally-asymmetrical   movement  and  postural  disorders
that follow asymmetrical lesioning of the special topological
homeomorphism of the CNS.]"

End quoting from AoK.

So any, and =ALL=, questions pertaining to
the Neuropharmacology are "Moot, to the
degree that they 'separate' themselves from
the neural Topology.

=Of course= this Truth could not have been
Realized without the Arduous-Work that's
been done with respect to neuropharmalog-
ical Experimentation, but, be-cause of the
Proven-Existence of the "special topological
homeomorphism, in light of what's quoted,
above, from AoK, unless it's done Completely,
neuropharmacological Experimentation will
never yield Sufficient data to say =anything=
with respect to questions such as the one
you've posed. And, when neuropharmaco-
logical Experimentation =is= done Complete-
ly, the Result will be that it will have 'just'
recreated the "special topological homeo-
morphism, neuropharmacologically, there-
by Verifying the discussion that's been in
AoK all along.

When I wrote AoK, be-cause I saw that
the Need was so Great that folks Under-
stand nervous system function, in light
of what had been my experience as a
Student in Science and, in particular, in
Neuroscience, I decided to work to
"crack" the Problem of nervous system
via a multi-disciplinary approach.

As far as I was concerned, it =just=
COULD-NOT-BE that folks were
left as Victims of the "prejudice to-
ward the familiar" [AoK, "Short Paper"
and throughout] that it was Obvious
to me [after an intense 'period' of Be-
havioral Observation] was, in-Fact
'blindly' and automatically Ravaging

So I "pulled out the stops", letting the
full-Armament of Science loose against
this one Problem.

The Result is =Neuroscientific Duality
Theory= [NDT], which is briefly-intro-
duced in the "Automation of Knowing..."
ms. [AoK].

Only to find, be-cause I'd used methods
in-Science and Maths that were 'unfamiliar'
to my Colleagues in Neuroscience [and
the rest of Science], that my 'fate' was to
have to "endure" a never-ending(?) series
of 'questions', such as yours, in which
folks, 'blindly' and automatically, 'assert'
this or that with which they are 'familiar'
as 'tests' of my "knowledge" with spec-
ific "areas" of their Expertise -- with the
'presumption' of the 'questions' =always=
being that, "if he can't answer this ques-
tion, then there cannot be any worth in
anything that he has to say about neuro-


But all such 'questions' are is the Same-
Stuff of the whole Problem that's been
Resolved in NDT, and discussed in
AoK, for 'decades' -- "prejudice toward
the familiar", "throwing it's monkey wrench"
into the works, so as to 'blindly' and auto-
matically "perpetuate" Absence-of-Under-

My way of "addressing" such 'questions'
that have already been Addressed and
Answered in AoK, is to "Groan", and
do what Needs to be done -- Ask folks
to "step outside of" being 'Dictated'-to
by the stuff that's accumulated within their
'familiar' experience, to See the Answer
to their 'questions' are handed-to-them
in the Proven neural Topology "special
topological homeomorphism", which, as
is Asserted in AoK, and as I've discus-
sed in long-former posts here b.n, can
be followed all the way down to sub-
'atomic' 'levels' of 3-D E [3-D Energy-

I do understand that the neuropharma-
cological approach 'must' "play-itself-
out", but the fact that folks 'move away
from' the only Result that that approach
will yield has always left me whispering,
"Gees, 'louise'! What a Waste!"

It's =NOT= 'only' a Waste of the Re-
sources of Science, it's, simultaneously,
a Waste of 'countless' Human Lives,
[due to the Devastation and Destruction
of "War", and, most-Significantly, the
ever-increasing "Deficit", with respect
if folks'd 'just' come to Understand
how and why nervous systems pro-
cess information via 'blindly'-automat-
ed TD E/I-minimization when such
Understanding was made-Available
to folks 'decades' ago, which includes
=IMMENSE= 'Subtlties', such as
with respect to the augmenting Hu-
man Population, which is occurring
be-cause, left to "Flounder" in its
Absence-of-Understanding, Human-
ity cannot See that there's anything
other to do than "Procreate".

The "list" of such =IMMENSE=
Subtlties goes-on-Forever, and has
been Augmenting, Mightily, while
'science' has been 'unable' to "get-
its-hands-around" Truth, "laid at its
feet" 'decades' ago.

Do you See how and why it's been
so Sorrowfully-'hilarious' to me that
it's so?

It's the Same-Stuff that was Reified
in NDT, and briefly Communicated
in AoK, that has Acted, thus far, in
Science's Stead -- 'science' has al-
lowed its own "prejudice toward the
familiar' to 'Dictate' to it that "it can
do nothing" to Lift Humanity Up out
of what has been its historical Self-

Be-cause, instead of doing such,
'science' has 'busied'-itself in the
'pursuit' of 'questions', such as the
one you've posed even though, if
Answers to those 'questions' are
already Available to them in Texts
that catalog the Science's Hard-Won

Do you See how and why this's so

The Work is 'just' "piled-up", and
folks 'just' 'move away from' finding
Recourse in-it, in 'favor', 'blindly'
and automatically, 'moving toward'
the B. S. that they were Coerced,
by 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-min-
imization, to "learn" if they were to
be allowed to receive their "Degrees".

=That= Being, "We don't know any-
thing about the brain".

Which anyone who just spends De-
voted 'time' Studying in the Neuro-
science stacks can See is is a Pathetic

Yet 'everyone' in 'neuroscience' "bows-
down" to that Pathetic-Lie, virtually
"singing-its-refrain" whenever they're
confronted with work in Neuroscience
that's Discordant with that Pathetic-Lie,
be-cause, being 'unfamiliar' with any-
thing other than the 'stuff' of that Pathetic-
Lie, which they were Coerced to "Swal-
low", "hook, line, and sinker", as Students,
under Threat of "not being granted their
Degrees", they 'blindly' and automatically
act to Coerce the same Pathetic-Lie up-
on anyone, and anything, that 'moves
away from' "bowing-down" to the

And all that is is 'blindly'-automated TD
E/I-minimization, left-Uncomprehended

It's Sorrowfully-'hilarious'.

'everyone' in 'neuroscience' being 'Dic-
tated'-to they "Cannot just do what
neuroscience professes to be-about

It's Sorrowfully-'hilarious'.

But, Mostly, 'just' Sorrowful.

Forgive me, Please, Thomas. I Under-
stood, immediately upon reading your
post, that your Purpose was to elicit
my "position" with respect to "Neuro-
pharmacology", it's been in AoK all
along, but I've taken-advantage of
your post to Emphasize aspects of its
underpinning Rationale with Respect
to what has been Humanity's historical

Since your Purpose was self-disclosing,
I Hope[!] you'll not be "disappointed"
with the content of my reply.

=YES=, this stuff is Exceedingly-'Dif-
ficult', but it's the Falseness inherent in
that unthinkingly-handed-down-WHOLE-
intergenerationally 'Difficulty' that Rav-
ages Humanity.

So the =only= Resonable thing to do
is "whatever-it-takes" to =Eliminate=
the Falsehood inherent, while ["of course"]
Honoring Free Will.

So that's what I've worked to do, here,
in my reply to your post.

I Hope that you are not "disappointed".

I mean no "offense".

I Mean 'just'-the-Opposite stuff.

Somehow, the "hard-nut" of Ancient
Prejudice must be "Cracked" -- so
that Humanity can be Released from
what has been its Unworthy, 'blindly'-
automated, 'Containment-within'-it.

Cheers, ken [the "Nut-Cracker"]

[k. p. collins]

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