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The Paralysis of 'power'

kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Tue May 31 13:59:45 EST 2005

"kenneth collins" <kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote in message 
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I should explain why it =seems=
I've "launched into a tirade", un-

There're two reasons.

First, I'm Obliged to Honor Truth.

So I do.

I'm =NOT= "out to get" anyone.

I'm trying to achieve 'just'-the-
opposite stuff.

Why do I deem it my Responsibility
to do so?

Because the circumstances in which
I've Lived make it more-possible for
me to do so than is, typically, the
case in others' Lives.

Way back, when I saw what was in
NDT's stuff [what's in Neuroscience],
I also saw that, in working to bring it
forward, I'd become "separated" from
others, and I did.

And, in that "separation", since I was
not "bound" by the sorts of coerced-
'loyalties' to groupwise-'Dictates', I
saw the way that folks' typical exper-
ience left them 'unable' to comprehend
the stuff I've been discussing [again]
in what folks experience as a "tirade".

See? I can do it because doing it can't
"cost" me anything -- be-cause I long-
ago "lost" all that a man can "lose", any-

Get it?

I'm =NOT= "out to get" anyone.

I'm "out to" =give= folks experience
that the experience they've had was
'devoid' of.

It's Gift-Stuff.

And I understand that it's 'Difficult'.

It's just that filling that experiential
"void" is a Prerequisite of getting
America back-on-track with respect
to the Principles in which She was


Think about it -- if America had re-
mained True to the Principles upon
which She was founded, there would
be no "need" to 'defend' against folks
who'd attack Her. She'd be as a
Light, shining from a high-place, bek-
oning =all= People, everywhere, to
join with Her, in Freedom.

If 'america' had not 'forgotten'
America, such would've unfolded
in a Continuous way, with Ameri-
cans "shining the Light" of America
in everything they did -- conferences
with respect to the furture of Humanity,
like the recent 'nuclear' Nonprolifer-
ation Treaty Conference, would be
all "Light", instead of all "animosity"
and 'self-interest' ['course, if 'amer-
ica hadn't 'forgotten' America, there'd've
been no 'need' to discuss the "nonpro-
liferation of weapons of mass destruc-
tion" -- America would've been able
to show folks, everywhere, that there
is a better way than "threatening"
and "coercing" others into 'submis-

You know? Think about it.

Had the Cherishing-of-Freedom
that blossomed in the 'hearts' of
The Founders during the "white-
heat" of The American Revolution
not been 'forgotten', how, then,
could America become anything
that would not Serve all People,

But The Citiznry became 'complacent',
and, 'forgetting' all that was Forged
in th "white-heat" [almost literally, in
that schorching Philadelphia Summer
of 1776 ["Philadelphia", what a Beauti-
ful Thought]], and "back-slid" down
the slippery-slope of the energy-gradient
that is WDB2T.

And this's happened again and again,
for one absence-of-reason: folks bene-
fitting from the Sacrifices of folks that
went before them did not have the
Privilege of Fulsome experience -- so,
without such Fulsome experience,
folks nervous systems 'blindly' and
automatically converged upon short-
term 'ease' -- and all TD E/I that
could be eliminated, without exper-
iencing TD E/I(up), was 'blindly' and
automatically eliminated within nerv-
ous systems -- right across The Cit-
izenry, 'blindly' and automatically
rendering it 'the citizenry' -- devoid
of Rememberance of all that'd been
Forged in the 'heart' of America, all
She Stood-For, all She, in The
Founders' Wisdom, was "Agreed"
to Be.

See where that 'leads'?

This "cycling" reached it's nadir in
The American Civil War, when,
once again, the "white-heat" Forged
within 'hearts' Rememberance of all
that "rests-upon the shoulders" of

A "Rebirth" [A. Lincoln, =Gettysburg

'only' to be 'forgotten', once again,
at the "hands" of 'blindly'-automated
TD E/I-minimization after the "heat"
of Battle subsided.

600,000 Dead! and what they Fought-
For, so 'easily' 'forgotten'?

See what's in 'blindly'-automated TD

See why I Stand-Against it?

It's the =ONLY= Enemy.

So, since my "Reward" for the work
that I've done is that I'm Free to do
this 'Difficult' Remembering, I do it.

I'm =NOT= "out to get" anyone.

I'm "out to" Give America back to

The other thing is that, my personal
circumstances've 'turned' in a way
that "switched me back into" Prob-
lem-Solving mode.

After "holding-on" for as long as I
could, without Perishing, I had to
"scramble" to Survive, finding Employ-
ment that'd allow me to do so.

This leaves me without the capacity
for maintaining any continuous online

So, rather than "waste" what's left to
me, I returned to work-in the list of
outstanding Problems in Science that
I'd long ago 'put-aside'.

And I've gotten myself into a Terrible-
Struggle with a big-Problem, so, in
order to do what I can to 'assure' that
I'll not 'wimp-out' in the midst of the
"Battle" for the new understanding,
I "push folks away from" me, so that
the only thing left to me is to go right
through the middle of the Problem's
stuff. [Folks who've been reading all
along [if anyone is :-] will, perhaps,
recall other instances in which I've
done the analogous thing.]

I do it when I've "exhausted" all at-
tempts to "break-through", and there's
nothing more that I can do in that way.

So it's not like it "costs" me anything,
other than more "solitude" with which
I'm long-'familiar'.

Part of it is a "Self-defense", and part
of it is an "eschewing of the chains"
that're imposed upon my Being by
TD E/I-minimization that occurs
within nervous systems other than my
own, which I can do nothing with
respect to, other than Guard Free

So that's why I'm being outwardly-

It's an "escape mechanism".

"Poof!" The "chains" fall from my
Being, and I'm Free to "beat the
Hell out of" another Problem that's
been having-its-Negative-way in
the midst of Humanity.

It's always a Fight-to-the-Death,
and I've no 'fear' of Losing.

But these "Fights" Need =Serious=
Attention. There's no Staying-Alive
while "nonchalanting" them.

So there're the two Reasons I've
been discussing this 'Difficult' stuff.

And the third is that Memorial Day
happened in a 'time'-inclusive fash-

And -- it's 'funny' -- a "dam" burst
within-me, the other 'day' when that
Little Girl came running to me,
shouting, "Hey Ken!"

I Remembered my Obligations.

Thank You, my Angel of Mercy.

I Deidicate my work in this Problem
to You.

k. p. collins 

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