The Paralysis of 'power'

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| Be-cause you =Know= what you're
| doing. You =Know= it's UnAmerican.
| You =Know= you're Outside of The
| Constitution.
| I'm writing to =you=.

It's Sorrowfully-'hilarious' -- the 'high-
er' folks 'rise' within this or that hier-
archy of 'power', the more the 'rules'
of their 'hierarchy' prevent them from
doing what Needs to be done -- be-
cause, with 'power', comes pervasive
'scurtiny' -- =NOT= with respect to
Truth, but with 'respect' to the 'hier-
archies' Dictating of "the way things
are supposed to be" 'within the hier-

So folks 'climbing' the 'hierarchy' are
rendered 'incapable' be-cause they
care about their own 'advancement'
within the 'hierarchy' more than they
care about Truth.

See where =that= 'leads'?

Honor Truth, and Truth Honors you
right back.

Not, and Not.


So it falls to folks like me, who were
Taught, in Towering-Devotion to
Justice, to Honor Truth, at all Costs.

And it's Sorrowfully-'hilarious' -- one
Sees folks like me practically every-
where one looks during one's routine

That homeless Veteran?

He's like me -- 'unable' to 'play the
game' in which "the way things are
supposed to be" is that folks whould
"lie, cheat and steal" in 'order' to care
about their own 'advancement within
this or that 'hierarchy'.

"To Hell with all that America stands

Not these folks who became Sealed
in their Devotion to America in the
white-heat of their Dedication to the
'lip-service' stuff that they, Young and
naive, =Believed=.

They Choose to Live their Lives in
Honoring Truth, inherent.

And, as a Consequence of that, they
routinely Care more about all that
America stands-for than their own
'advancement' within this or that

Look around while you're out pursuing
your routine activities. You can't miss
them. They're the guys that are 'whisp-
ered-about' on the 'job' -- be-cause
they cannot allow themselves to 'forget'
the Responsibilities that their experience
has imbued within them.

So they become Stalwart, in clinging
to what serves the General Good -- 
even as those 'devoted' to caring for
their own 'advancement' within this or
that 'hierarchy' 'move away from'
them, calling them this or that Derog-
atory 'name' that allows the folks who
kiss-the-butt of the 'hierarchy' to
which they pledged their 'loyalty' to

See where such 'leads'?

It 'leads' to =Nothingness=.

It 'leads' to 'states' in which nothing
can ever 'move toward' Truth.

Falsehood, locked-in, bowed-down-
to. And the more 'powerful' the 'hier-
archy', the more-'strongly' all of this

And what's Exceedingly-Sorrowful
is that even those who Profess to
act as "watch dogs" with respect to
all of this fall-Victim to it, themselves,
accepting the 'party line' -- 'because'
doing that is what alows the 'watch
dogs' to 'advance' within =their=
'hierarchies' -- you know -- "get the
story" [who cares if 'the story' is al-
most entirely B. S.?] "Get the story"
and 'advance' one's self.

Watch Dogs, Wake up!

You're "pissing-away" all that you
can actually rely-in.

What am I writing about, here?

Look and see -- whenever there're
"holes" in the circumstances that
you observe, there's Truth, in-there,
that's being actively 'moved away

Yet you 'report' what's said and
done in all of this 'dancing-around'
Truth, while never gaining any insight
with respect to the Fact that what
you Report discloses Truth that's
being 'danced-around'?

"Gees, 'louise'!", you cannot miss
what's in-there, if only you =Look=.

But, if you do, be Forewarned -- 
you'll become the one's who are
'whispered-about' within the 'hier-
archies' to which you've Dedicated
yourselves -- you'll be "rocking
the boat' within the 'hierarchies'
that you Serve -- and that's "where"
and when you'll Learn about all
that you are, and all that the 'hier-
archy' in which you exist should
be, but isn't -- be-cause 'hierarchies'
are almost-entirely 'blindly'-auto-
mated TD E/I-minimization that
'substitutes' the 'Dictates' of the
'hierarchy' for Truth.

See where that 'leads'?

Truth does what it does =anyway=.


So why not "cut to the chase"?

Be-cause, that's where =everything=
=always= ends-up, anyway.

That's what I've been discussing
over the course of these past 18
'years', online and off.

Honor Truth, and Truth Honors
you right back.

Not, and Not.


The =Difference, in the twain,
is Obvious, if only one =Looks=.

But, to Look, one has to Choose
between 'self-advancement' within
the 'hierarchy' in which one finds
one's self, and Truth.

"The War of the Twains."

If it were not so Exceedingly-Sor-
rowful, it's be Hilarious.

The outcome is =always= Preordained.

"Truth Wins. one way or another,
sooner or later." [A Signmaker in
East Hartford, Connecticut].

So, if Truth is such Merciless Stuff
[it is], why not 'move toward' Truth,
First, in all things?

It doesn't routinely happen 'be-cause'
folks 'manufacture' 'local-truth' by,
simply, acquiescing to the 'Dictates'
of the 'hierarchies' in which they
seek to 'advance-self'.

Can you see what's Sorrowfully-
'Hilarious' in such?

It's Doomed to Failure, right from
the start.

Be-cause it 'moves away from' Truth.

Get it?

Such has become Formalized, to
unprecedented levels, in the 'times'
during which we live.

One can See all that America Stands-
For going-down-the-Drain, and She
with it, in favor of folks, in-'hierarchies'
'endeavoring' to 'achieve' 'self-advance-
ment, while 'forgetting' about all of the
Stuff that was Fought-for, and Died-for.

And that happens, in the main, be-cause
the Watch Dogs 'lay at the feet' of the
'powerful', rather than "holding their
feet to the fire".

"The way things are supposed to be"
has lulled folks to "sleep".

Wake up!

The =ONLY= thing that Works is
to 'move toward' Truth, in all things.

Anything else is 'moving toward' one's
own self-destruction.

And that's where 'america' is being
='led'= -- be-cause, in the circles of
'power', so-called "secrecy" attempts
to 'establish' an artificial 'boundary'
around 'power' -- and all that 'accomp-
lishes' is the 'blinding' of 'power' to

So 'power' cannot 'move toward'
Truth, even if it wanted to -- be-
cause it's 'substituted' 'the hierarchy',
and 'loyalty' to it, for Truth.

Self-inflicted 'blindness' in which
Truth is forsaken.

Truth forsaken, forsakes one right


Wake up! America.

K. P. Collins

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