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A Sorrow-Filled anniversary

kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Tue May 31 00:06:10 EST 2005

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|| [...]
| Memorial Day, 2005.
| It's not Sorrowful "because" of the
| Many Sacrifices that we Remember
| on this 'day'.
| It's Sorrowful be-cause there're so
| many, amongst the U. S. Citizenry
| whose attitude toward The Fallen
| is that "they were the suckers".
| I mean no "offense" to these Mis-
| taken folks. It's 'just' that it's not
| been in their experience to have
| any means to Know what it's like
| to put one's Life on-the-line for
| the Good of the Citizenry.
| [...]

What I wrote needs Clarification.

I'm writing to the Jackass who
hounded me as I walked the halls
of the Senate Office Building.

I'm writing to the 'f. b. i agents' who
repeatedly Lied to my face, and the
one who Threatened my Life.

Jackasses! I'm writing to you.

I'm writing to those who Directed
these Jackasses to do their Jackass

I'm writing to those who Direct
those who Directed them, all the
way up.

You folks are =NOT= Americans.

You've Forgotten, or never learned
what =America= is.

All you do is play your Stupid
'games' -- never able to see beyond
the artificially-delimited boundaries,
that in your Awesome Cowardice, you
erect around yourselves -- so aware
are you of the Evil you routinely
Inflict upon America.

That was my Constitutionally-Guaran-
teed First Amendment Right that you
so Egrediously stripped from me.

So, yeah, I'm writing to you folks.

Enemies of America, all.

And there I Stand, until you

It was not you folks, nor anything
you've done that gave you the 'power'
to do the Evil you do.

All you folks've done is sleaze your
'ways' through the cracks of the
Citiznery's Trust, Ab-using it at
every turn.

And, so, when someone like me
comes along, you've got to sleaze,

Be-cause you =Know= what you're
doing. You =Know= it's UnAmerican.
You =Know= you're Outside of The

I'm writing to =you=.

K. P. Collins 

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