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A Sorrow-Filled anniversary

kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Mon May 30 14:14:57 EST 2005

"kenneth collins" <kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote in message
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Memorial Day, 2005.

It's not Sorrowful "because" of the
Many Sacrifices that we Remember
on this 'day'.

It's Sorrowful be-cause there're so
many, amongst the U. S. Citizenry
whose attitude toward The Fallen
is that "they were the suckers".

I mean no "offense" to these Mis-
taken folks. It's 'just' that it's not
been in their experience to have
any means to Know what it's like
to put one's Life on-the-line for
the Good of the Citizenry.

Rather, what's in their experience
is to take-from the Sacrifices of
others, like I wrote above, as if
those who "sacrifice" are "suckers" -- 
folks who are "stupid" -- "and, if
they're going to be stupid, then
[these lacking-the-Spirit-of-Cit-
izenry] folks deem it to be their
"priviledge" to "take" whatever
there is to be "taken" as a result
of others' having Sacrificed them-

And such is deemed, within the
experience of these "taking-the-
Sacrifices-of-others folks, to be
"intelligent" -- you know, there's
this smarmy sort of False self-
'righteousness', "because, after
all, we weren't dumb enough to
allow ourselves to get onto harm's
way, like [those who have Sacri-

I Know all about this stuff be-
cause I've Lived on the other
'side' of it all my Life.

On Memorial Day, there's a lot
of 'righteous' lip-service, accomp-
anied by "proper" bowing-of-
heads, speeches, marshal music,
parades, etc.

But, for the "takers", it;s all 'just'
a particularly-sinister facade, through
which they seek to 'disguise' their
"taking" of the stuff of others' Sac-

It's all just Sorrowfully-'Funny' to
me -- 'cause it's all plain-as-day-
Visible to me. I mean, the 'disguise'
is See-right-through-able -- and
it's 'Funny' to walk in the midst
of folks who 'think' that, through
the waving of this or that 'disguised'
behavior, they can twist-and-turn
Truth so that others cannot see it.

So this Day is one of Great-Sor-
row for me, as I Remember those
whose Sacrifices are =the only
thing= that makes it Possible for
me to write as I've write, here,
and always.

And the "taker's" Hipocrisy is
Loathesome to me. They grow
upon America like some choking-
vine, strangling the Life out of Her.

And, it's Sorrowfully-'Hilarious',
they 'perceive' such as 'being-
indicative' of their "intelligence".

It's fallen to me to address thie
'stuff' Forthrightly.

I mean no "offense".

I mean 'just'-the-oposite Stuff.

And I'm =NOT= "condemning"
the "takers".

Rather, I'm working to Rescue
them, too -- be-cause their Vic-
timhood is of the most-Sorrow-
ful kind -- a Victimhood of 'blind-
ly'-automated absence-of-under-

"Ignorance is bliss"?

Not when it results in practically
everything that's done on behalf
of a Nation [any Nation] being
Squandered, so that there is no
Hope of anything ever Changing
for the better. Not if it imbues
folks with the 'belief' that "they
don't have to do what needs to
be done" -- the 'belief' that a
Child, any Child, is "someone
else's responsibility" -- the 'be-
lief' that "everyone's out for him-
self", so "it's OK" to "take what-
ever can be taken", and to "use
it in any way it can be used".

That's a "Prescription" for Stag-
nation -- be-cause, when that
which can Serve the General
Good is 'taken', the General
Good goes, not only Unserved,
but sliding-backward be-cause
that's what WDB2T does -- al-
ways -- and WDB2T Governs
everything within physical reality.

So folks 'wonder' "why" they
have to endure the onslaught of
Hardship -- inflicted, one upon
another -- as everyone is trying
to "take" without giving anything

"Giving is for suckers"?

I mean no "offense".

I mean 'just'-the-opposite Stuff.

And I'm Obliged in this way -- 
be-cause I understand how all
of this stuff pours out of nervous

And I've a Right to say it -- be-
cause I've been carrying myriad
'takers' on my back, for 'decades'.

Watching them Squander the work
I've done, and am doing, on behalf
of those who Suffer -- on behalf
of the Children.

So, if I, so-Seeing, don't thrust
this 'stuff' into the light-of-day,
who will?

Not the 'takers'.

They can't -- because they're so
overburdened with the 'fear' of
"being found out" that they can
'only' 'move' in the Dirction op-
posite of the Direction that's cal-

And, so, instead of contributing to
the General Good, they become-
one with WDB2T.

It's 'pretty'-Sorrowful.

And -- you know? -- I'm not doing
anything "new", here. I've given
folks the means to comprehend all
of this stuff. It's what I've been do-
ing all along.

What I'm doing these 'days' is work-
ing to "assure" that folks don't "back-
slide" at the "point of randomness"
[AoK, Ap4] -- that, instead, they
continue right through it.

It's what I've been doing whenever
I've discussed 'Difficult' stuff.

"Making myself small".


"Jumping-up-and-down", creating an
energy-gradient that makes passage
through the "zone of randomness"
the relatively-'easy' thing.

It only =seems= "offensive" be-cause
folks've not, yet, come =fully= into
the "light" of understanding with re-
spect to how and why nervous systems
process information via 'blindly'-auto-
mated TD E/I-minimization.

So I heap-up this energy-gradient,
so that folks can experience it, and
See Truth, waiting to Embrace them
on the other 'side' of what, to them,
remains "fearsome".

It's my "Sacrifice".

That which I Remember on this Mem-
orial Day.

To Remind myself.

That I must not Fail to do what
Needs to be done.

It's 'easier', now that I am Old.

[When I turned on my PC, I had
a much-more-eloquent bit of writing
in-mind. It was going to be devoted
to a, hopefully, Joyous discussion of
"transformation" -- using Matt Dillon's
[Supurb!] Performance in =Crash=
as a "talking-point", and analyzing, in-
depth, the TD E/I-minimization dyn-
amics of the "transformation" in the
character [a Brutal Police Officer]
that he Portrayed.

But something remains 'broken' within
me, and I can't seem to bring myself
to "eloquence" -- it's 'funny' -- it
would've "blown my cover", and I
want not to do that be-cause I want
=not= to become 'the important
thing'. You know? I've got to stay-
"small" -- so that folks who remain
'afraid' don't become more-'afraid'.

But, perhaps folks'll want to explore
Mr. Dillon's Performance on their
own [=Definitely= Worthy of the
Best-Actor Academy Award].

Pay attention to his transformation.

His coming to Recognize the Evil
he'd committed, and his Realizing
his Obligation to Redeem himself
from it -- "Damn the fire", the "fire"-
within is the greater-"burning".

Wow! What a Glorius 'moment'
in Dramatic History.

See it.

It's a "raw" portrayal of "super-
system configuration" and how and
why it occurs with Respect toTruth -- 
if only one does not 'move away from'
the "Light".

[Actually, it seems that my "hesitance"
derives in my wanting not to spoil folks'
viewing of this Excellent Movie. I've
come as close as I can without doing
that :-]

[It's a "repetitive-theme" in all of my
online efforts. Has to do with Guard-
ing Free Will. If I tell folks "everything",
then there's not opportunity, in that,
for folks to "go active" [as in the "pas-
sive-active phase" transition [AoK,
Ap5 and 7.]]

[Trying to be guide folks to Discovering
for themselves.

'Cause that's the only way the under-
standing actually Works.]

[Aside: My work in Physics Soars
[found what I was looking for], but
I doubt that I'll ever be able to get-
it-across to folks. I mean, if folks
won't address the Simple [but [For-
give me, Please, for saying so] Earth-
Shaking] stuff that I discussed back
in March and April, this more-ad-
vanced stuff'll just not get-across to

I guess that's what's "bothering" me.

It takes my breath away that it's so.

Understanding Won at such Great-
Cost, "locked-away", within my
Being, my "Being" so Tenuous.

But I'm Hoping that my feeling this
way is just another instance of the
Exhaustion that I've experienced
in the past -- after this of that Ter-
rible-Struggle -- and that, by and
by, I'll find a way to get-it-across
to folks.

It's happened that way in the past.

It's 'funny'. In the midst of the "Ex-
haustion" is never seems that I'll
ever be able to Lift-folks-Up to

So I'm going-to-work, caring for
my Neighbors' properties, and
trying to stay-Alive.

A Little-Girl helped me the other
day. She'd burst into tears because
she'd dropped the soft-drink cup
that she was carrying in the midst
of her considerable "excitement",
and I "rescued" her, pouring my-
self out to her.

And there she was, the next day,
full of Joy, and shouting, "Hey Ken!",
as she ran across a public space.

She'd come back to see me.

I almost "lost it" right then and there.

An "Angel of Mercy", calming the
"storm" upon which my dilspidated-
"boat" rides.

Her Innocence pealed within me.

She'd Remembered me!

Steeled my Purpose.]

k. p. collins

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