Actually it was more like a 'springiness'

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| [...]

| Thought for the day: You know you're way-out
| at "the edge of things" when you 'sense' that, if
| you do one more thing, you'll 'disappear' :-]
| Translation: High-TD E/I maps to "biological
| mass" extremely-thinly.
| It's no "big deal", but, while on the job, earlier
| today, and deep in thought I stepped on a con-
| crete-slab-line beneath the carpet and it was
| like I was stepping into a "swamp" -- real-
| ly-sensitive-focus :-] Which is interesting, be-
| cause it discloses =a= role of =primary sens-
| ation= in the "cognitive-map-following" that's
| involved in mental Calculation. Get it?

Actually, it was more like I'd stepped on a
"sponge" -- there was a =slight= divergence
from "flatness" under the carpet, and what
happened was that, be-cause I was in the
midst of a huge TD E/I(down) with respect
to the Problem I was, then, working  on, the
foot-angle sensation's TD E/I was fleetingly-
merged with the Problem's TD E/I(down) -- 
which led, swiftly, to a "mismatch" TD E/I
condition [AoK, Ap5], which precipitated a
massive "reprioritization" "supersystem con-

At it's base, I was experiencing the Joy that's
discussed in the "infants' inclined-plane-walk-
ing" example in AoK, Ap5 -- "biological re-
ward" mapped to TD E/I-minimization Dir-
ectionality :-]

| It happens to me, every once in a while, when
| things rapidly "reprioritize" [AoK, Ap5] while
| I'm deep-into mental-Calculation.
| Looking-everywhere, Keenly -- into the Prob-
| lem's stuff -- but, then, something happens with-
| in one's external experiential environment, and
| the "inertia" of the problem-solving "supersys-
| tem configuration" [AoK, Ap5] [the "Keen"
| sensitivity] lingers, a bit, as the supersystem
| rapidly reconfigures itself with respect to the
| external stuff -- so there's a fleeting intermingl-
| ing of the "internal" and external focuses.
| [...]

The same-stuff happens, routinely, within =evey-
one's= nervous system, but it's routinely "con-
figured-out" via 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-

WARNING! =Do Not= "experiment" at-
home with this stuff without =First= com-
ing up to speed in your understanding of
NDT's stuff -- and, Sadly, I must also Ad-
monish-against talking about such stuff
with your acquaintances who remain 'un-
familiar' with NDT's stuff -- your talking
about it with them will result in the oc-
currence of too-much TD E/I(up) with-
in their "naive" nervous systems, and
they'll 'move away from' you -- which
you want =not= to happen 'blindly' and
automatically ['cause such is mostly-
Waste, anyway]. [It's different in my case.
It's fallen to me to be the Teacher with
respect to all-things-NDT. If folks look-
back trough my former posts, a bit, per-
haps, 'now', some will Comprehend Why
I've worked as I have worked -- carefully
reiterating stuff just a little-bit-at-a-'time' -- 
to build long-term 'familiarity' while main-
taining folks' TD E/I's within the sub-
amygdalar-take-over range [AoK, Ap5].

I Love you in that way :-]

That, and that, if I don't do what Needs
to be done, no one else will.

So I do it.

'Dying'-to-"self", all the while. [Which is
why I "Admonish" against "unprepared
experimentation" -- Know what's entailed,
and must Teach folks with respect to such,
too -- I Love you in that way, too. Learned
it from Jesus -- "Good-Shepherd stuff.]

[Lord! There's so much that needs to be
Communicated, but, meanwhile, the "Flood"
continues, and the Wonders disclose them-
selves to me at an accelerating rate. It "takes
my breath away" that it seems so much'll be
Lost be-cause folks won't meet with me,
in-person. So I try to Teach bits-and-pieces
that circumtances allow me to fit-in -- like
above. It's Hard-to-do because everything
that remains to be discussed presumes a
full-Understanding of NDT's Basics, but
I've Guarded folks Free Wills with respect
to what they "know" of NDT's stuff.

I =really= Love you in that way :-]

ken [k. p. collins] 

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