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On the Non-Existence of the so-called 'four forces' of Nature

kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Thu May 19 23:23:25 EST 2005

"kenneth collins" <kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote in message 
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| ~18 'months' prior to 2001-09-11
| I Predicted, right here in b.n, that, if
| folks Failed to take-action with re-
| spect to NDT's stuff, major-Catas-
| trophy would occur.
| [...]

Necessary Clarification:

When I posted the Prediction, I wrote,
~"we've got about a year" [until things

I was off by ~6 'months'.

I based my Prediction upon Popula-
tions-wide TD E/I, which I used to
expend considerable energy tracking.
[And still would be, if I could afford
the 4 Newspapers/day that I used to
read. These 'days', I only purchase
a Newspaper on Tuesday, and my
Neighbor gives me her Sunday News-
paper when she's done with it].

When I write about being 'tired', it's
not because I'm doing more than I
used to do, but because I want to,
but cannot -- be-cause of the Pov-
erty into which I've descended [large-
ly as a result of being 'banned' from
my former Profession on False 'prem-
ises'.] As things stand, I pay my
bills, and there's nothing left to
purchase the Data that I used to
Analyze, in detail. It's a Waste of
the Analytical capabilities that I'd
developed -- with respect to Popu-
lations-wide TD E/I -- so I've divert-
ed that energy into triming the list
of Problems-in-Science that I "put-
aside" because I saw that what was
in the News, 'decades' ago, needed
my attention, more-crucially. I Know
that it still does, but I can't afford to
purchase the Data [when I 'go' on
the web, my machine is always rend-
ered-nonfunctional, so I can't take-
advantage of the News Resources
that're on the web.]

It's 'tiring' -- Knowing that I'm Not-
Doing stuff that Needs to be Done.

I Fear' for Humanity.

But I'm Imprisoned by the 'blindly'-
automated TD E/I-minimization that
occurs in nervous systems other than
my own.

Which points-back-to my discussion
in the other msg I'm posting in this
thread 'tonight' -- the main thing that
Imprisons me is other folks' nervous
systems "going with the flow" of
WDB2T -- in taking the work I've
done and ab-using it, because they
want 'profits' but're unwilling to do
the work inherent in "climbing"

Which is Sorrowfully-'funny'.

The surest-'way' to minimize Profits
is to 'move away from' Truth.

[Aside: I'm =not= "whining". When
I get-into stuff like this, I'm =only=
working to Teach folks.

And, while I'm thinking about such,
I =Encourage= folks to see the Movie,
=Crash=. It's the best Dramatization
of the Consequences of 'blindly'-
automated TD E/I-minimization that
I've ever seen. Why I'm thinking
about it is that the folks who've ab-
used the work I've done are like
the characters in the Movie.

And Sadly, I can See that I am, 'two'.

Only, I know it's so -- know the
Consequences inherent in my re-
petitive "calling-folks-to-task".


"Climbing" WDB2T always is.

Be-cause it's so generally-'unfamiliar'
that it induces TD E/I within nervous

And nervous systems 'blindly' and
automatically 'move away from',
"going with the flow" of WDB2T,
even though doing such "Engin-
eers" the True-Wonder Stuff out
of nervous systems.

See where that 'leads'?

I'll be offline for a while [which is
why I've "pushed-a-bit-hard" 'to-
night' -- with respect to how and
why everything is deeply-integrated
with respect to WDB2T. I'm hoping
that what I've discussed in my posts
'tonight' will enable folks to begin to
See that "deep-integration" -- deep-
unity. It's "Big-Step" stuff, so it's best
that I allow it to be "all there is" for a
few 'days'. So that folks have only it
[from me] to think-about for a while.

If anyone's reading the discussions
I post :-|

k. p. collins 

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