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On the Non-Existence of the so-called 'four forces' of Nature

kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Thu May 19 23:23:24 EST 2005

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|| [...]

|| The "muscles" of one's body do not
|| "power the motion" of one's body.
|| Energy does. The "muscles" 'just'
|| "operate" upon the energy that flows-
|| through them.

The "proverbial Observer: "Come on,
Ken, 'muscles do not power the mo-
tion of one's body'?"

That's right. They don't. More below.

|| "Neurons" and "glia", and their mol-
|| ecular constituents, do not "power
|| the motion" of the ionic conductances
|| that are manifested within nervous sys-
|| tems.
|| Energy does. And it's energy that Dir-
|| ects the "actions" of the molecular con-
|| stituents that comprise "neurons" and
|| "glia".
|| It's the Same with respect to =all=
|| physical systems.
|| 'atoms' do not "power the actions"
|| of 'nuclear' reactors.
|| Energy does.
|| Get it?
|| [...]

Back to the body's muscles. Their
"roles" in the manifestation of 'the'
body's motion, it's as I discussed
with respect to all Engineered "mech-
anisms" -- and a 'bit' more.

Muscle cells not only Direct the flow
of energy, but are dynamically-'Eng-
ineered' in Rigorous accord with the
=Directed= quantities of the energy
that they Direct.

That is, they exhibit trophy that reflects
the energy that they Direct -- which
is how and why the old saw that holds
"use it or lose it" is True.

"Biological mass", within nervous sys-
tems, obeys the same colloquial

And =all= of this self-'Engineering'
reduces directly to WDB2T -- be-
cause [Simply] it's energy that pow-
ers trophic dynamics -- so, push
more energy, and trophic dynamics
are simultaneously =Directed= in
'Simple' accord with the Directed-
ness, and quantity, of the energy
that is so pushed.

This stuff maps-Rigorously into
WDB2T be-cause =all= exertions
are Directionally-"weighted" by
WDB2T, be-cause, further, the
quantity of Work that is performed
is nonlinearly-inversely-coupled to
the one-way flow of energy, from
order to disorder, that is what's
described by 2nd Thermo.

Get it?

1. "Climbing" WDB2T becomes more-
difficult the more WDB2T is so
"climbed", and, 2. conversely, "going-
with-the-flow" of WDB2T becomes
more-easy [over the short term; see
below] the more the flow of WDB2T
is "gone-with".

Get it?

In 1., the mechanism must push ever-
increasing quantities of energy if it is
to continue "climbing" the energy-
density-gradient that is WDB2T.

So, as a consequence of this degree
of energy-pushing, in the case of
"muscle" cells, they grow in accord
with the quantities of energy that
they Direct.

In 2., not, and not -- which is how
and why "going with the flow" of
WDB2T is 'easy' only over the rel-
atively-short-term -- do such over
the long term, and "muscles" 'blind-
ly' and automatically "Engineer"
themselves in Rigorous accord with
the quantities of the energy that they
Direct which, be-cause, since the
"mechanism" is "going with the flow"
of WDB2T, is long-term-relatively-
small quantities of energy, to atrophy.

It's the same, in-general, with respect
to =everything= in Biology.

Everything in Biology is 'just' "mechan-
ism", "Engineered" to "Know" energy.

Everything that the Biology actually
=Is= is =energy=.

Think about it until you can See it.

It's the Future of all of Science [it
extends, whole, right-into Physics].

| [...]

I was going to leave the rest of my
prior post, quoted here, but, instead,
I'll 'just' Encourage folks to reread
it. It's linked-to above.

K. P. Collins 

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