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On the Non-Existence of the so-called 'four forces' of Nature

kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Wed May 18 13:04:59 EST 2005

"kenneth collins" <kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote in message 
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| [...]

| Why I'm getting into all of this is be-
| cause I want to "make the connection"
| that Truth is Coupled, Absolutely, to
| the same Universal energy-density
| gradient, and nervous systems can
| Know Truth be-cause they Operate
| within, and upon, the One Universal
| energy-density gradient, which is
| Continuously "pouring-itself-out" in
| ways that are routinely Witnessed
| in the midst of our Living.

Observer: "'Absolute truth', come on,
Ken! Nobody has a clue with respect
to 'truth', and you, so blithely, declare
'absolute truth'. And you wonder why
everyone just ignores you?"

I don't know if, or to what degree,
folks put-together stuff that I discuss
in individual posts, but this Absolute-
Truth stuff is stuff that I've been work-
ing to explicate all along.

It's what I was writing about, 'years'
ago, when I discussed the way that
nervous systems literally grasp energy.

It's what I've been writing about when-
ever I've discussed "3-D Energydyn-
amics [3-D E].

It's what I've been writing about when-
ever I've discussed "Truth's One Map",
and how nervous systems are able to
follow it by "ranging widely" within it.


And I've not left any of these discus-
sions "disconnected" from the neural
mechanisms through which their stuff
is actualized within nervous systems,
and, more-broadly, within physical
reality. I've taken everything all the
way down to sub-'nuclear' energy-
domains in both Neuroscience and
Physics, always tightly-integrated at
all scales.

So, yeah, I juderstand that, when I
declare Absolute-Truth, I'm taking
what seems, to some folks, to be a
step "too-big" -- but that's probably
because these folks, for whatever
reason, have 'skipped' all of the "lit-
tle-steps" that were taken in order
to "carry" understanding to the 'lev-
el' of what seem to be the "big-steps"
I'm taking these 'days'.

I've been discussing both Completely-
Unified Neuroscience and Completely-
Unified Physics, and, yes, Absolute-
Truth, all along.

My nervous system is my nervous
system. The "biological mass" that
exists within it was constructed as
a result of my individually-unique

I've worked to give folks the bene-
fit of my individually-unique exper-
ience, but the "biological mass" in
other folks' nervous systems was
constructed, within their nervous
systems as a by-product of the TD
E/I-minimization that occurred with
respect to the individually-unique
experiences that other folks've had,
and, if folks've been reading in an
online 'place' like b.n, their exper-
ience probably included a lot of
"traditional"-Science stuff that they
had to "swallow, hook-line-and-
sinker" because they wanted to
receive their Degrees.

And, while the stuff that I routinely
discuss is =all= thoroughly-substan-
tiated in Experiment, it's not dictat-
ed-to by "tradition".

So, when "tradition" can't see the
stuff that stands-Verified in NDT
and TH, all I can do is work-more
to Fre folks from the "chains" that
'tradition' has bound-them with.

Anyway, I've not only Declared
Absolute-Truth. I've Demonstrated
it, and how and why nervous sys-
tems can Know it, and See it with-
in physical reality -- with their own
"eyes" -- within their own individual-
ly-unique experience.

So, although I understand folks'
everything is worked-through, all
the way down.

It's energy, flowing from greater-
density-gradients to lesser-dens-
ity-gradients, all the way down.

Not "turtles".

Note well that the Absolute-Truth
I've Declared is not some 'Dictatorial'
stuff -- it doesn't 'Dictate' what folks
"must do".

It 'only' Enables folks to Know what
the Consequences of their Choices
=Will Be=.

For example, Given Truth with respect
to nervous system function, if folks
Choose to 'move away from' Truth
that's been so Given, Devastation,
Deriving in their Choice, =Will=

You know?

~18 'months' prior to 2001-09-11
I Predicted, right here in b.n, that, if
folks Failed to take-action with re-
spect to NDT's stuff, major-Catas-
trophy would occur.

Folks didn't.

Major-Catastrophy did.

What can I say?

I can Warn, as I repeatedly have
Warned, about the "converging
limits" -- 1. augmenting-proliferation
of augmentingly-powerful weaponry,
2. augmenting intermingling of folks
who are 'unfamilair' with the stuffs
of each others' experiences -- and
folks 'just' 'move away from' Truth,
inherent -- as if they 'think' I'm saying
"the sky is falling".

This Warning Stands.

If NDT's stuff is not generally-Com-
municated, the TD E/I(up) induced
by 1. and 2., above, will continue to
augment, overall-monotonically, and
the Non-Survival of Humanity will
be, as a Consequence of folks Choices,
a Certainty.

But I'm "the bad guy" -- 'because' I
See all of this, Give folks the means
to Choose a Future in which Humanity
Will-Prosper, and Warn them about
the Consequences inherent, either

All while being consigned to Destitu-
tion by 'powerful' folks who're =sup-
posed= to be "taking care of things"
with respect to Humanity's Survival :-]

It's "inverted" [AoK, Ap4].

"Inside-out, upside-down, and back-
ward -- =BE-CAUSE= how and why
nervous systems process information,
via 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimi-
zation has been left uncomprehended
within the nervous systems of the 'pow-
erful' -- =BE-CAUSE= NDT's under-
standing has not been generally-Com-

It's =SORROWFULLY= 'Hilarious'.

| What NDT is is a "Guide" for how
| and why all of this happens within
| nervous systems.
| What TH is is a "Guide" for how
| and why all of this happens within
| physical reality.
| When either, or both, come to ex-
| ist within nervous systems, each is
| literally embodied in the form of
| "biological mass" that enables a
| nervous system to literally See
| Truth, and to Act-upon-Truth in
| ways that are aligned-with-Truth.
| This is the Fundamental-Essence
| of "Freedom".
| Think about it.

Anyway, all I'm doing, these 'days',
is reiterating stuff that I've discussed
in long-former msgs, 'now', using
other words to say the same-stuff.

I've not gotten very far into the "95%"
stuff [touching upon it only in the "new
power source" stuff that I discussed
back in April of this 'year'].

If folks knew how much stuff awaits
their willingness to hear of it, folks
wouldn't be so willing-to-Waste
Precious-'time' [wouldn't be so
willing to allow energy to remain

I 'wait' be-cause I Learned from
Jesus that Free Will Must be

[Think about that, too.

Hint: Failure to Guard Free Will
instantiates Coercion. Coercion
instantiates "inwardly-spiralling"
interactive dynamics [AoK, Ap8.]
"Inward spirals" results in Volition
being "configured"-out [AoK, Ap5
and 7] of nervous system function,
rendering Choice 'Impossible', as a
Consequence of the Choice of those
who instantiated the Coercion.

So I 'await' folks' Free Wills, 'jump-
ing-up-and-down' about the Conse-
quences, inherent, with respect to
the "95%" stuff -- which will be Lost
if folks remain drifting-along upon
'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimi-
zation, left uncomprehended.

Me? It's 'just' Sorrowfully-'Funny'
to me that folks've not found Reason-
enough to meet with me, in-person,
long before 'now' -- I've Shared a
=lot= more with folks than has ever
happened before. 'just' couldn't get
any of it "Published". And it's 'Funny'
that something as Nothing as that
seems to be the 'Determining' thing.]

Forgive me, Please, I Love you in
the Way that's implicit in these posts.

k. p. collins 

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