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On the Non-Existence of the so-called 'four forces' of Nature

kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Wed May 18 07:33:32 EST 2005

"kenneth collins" <kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote in message 
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| [...]

| An automobile's engine =does not=
| "power the motion" of the automobile.
| Energy does.
| "Gasoline" does not "power the motion"
| of an automobile.
| Energy does [here, one has to break
| "gasoline" down to it's fundamental
| energy-releasing "operations", and, to
| do that, one must also reduce the "op-
| erations" through which energy comes
| to be "stored" in the form of "petroleum".
| An "electric motor" does not "power
| the motion" of a table-saw's blade as
| it cuts-through a piece of wood.
| Energy does. The "electric motor"
| 'just' "operates" upon the energy that
| flows-through it.
| The "muscles" of one's body do not
| "power the motion" of one's body.
| Energy does. The "muscles" 'just'
| "operate" upon the energy that flows-
| through them.
| "Neurons" and "glia", and their mol-
| ecular constituents, do not "power
| the motion" of the ionic conductances
| that are manifested within nervous sys-
| tems.
| Energy does. And it's energy that Dir-
| ects the "actions" of the molecular con-
| stituents that comprise "neurons" and
| "glia".
| It's the Same with respect to =all=
| physical systems.
| 'atoms' do not "power the actions"
| of 'nuclear' reactors.
| Energy does.
| Get it?
| [...]

Part of the "problem" has been that
folks'd not kept energy and "mech-
anisms" straight -- so False notions,
like it's this or that mechanical thing
that "powers" this or that dynamic,
have crept-into 'familiar' usage, when,
in all dynamics is =only= energy that
"powers" the dynamics.

What "mechanisms", more or less, do
is =DIRECT= the flow of energy.

The "efficiency" of a "mechanism"
is the degree to which it =Directs=
energy while energy powers what-
ever it is that the "mechanism" is
Engineered to do.

Get it?

It's =only= energy that ever powers
physical Action.

"Transmitters" don't "power" electro-
magnetic "transmission".

Energy does.

"Receivers" don't "power" electro-
mgnetic "reception".

Energy does.

"Speakers" don't "power" the gen-
eration of sound waves.

Energy does.

All any "mechanism" does is, more
or less, =DIRECT= the flow of en-

It's =energy= that "powers" every-

And all available experimental evid-
ence Substantiates that the =One=
source of energy derives in the Fact
that energy flows, uni-Directionally,
from greater-density to lesser-density.

So, wherever, within physical reality,
there is an energy-density gradient,
a "machine" can be Engineered to
"interpose within" that energy-density
gradient, in a way that, more or less,
Directs the flow of energy down that
energy-density gradient.

That's 'all' that Engineering does, and
can do.

"Tap-into", and, more or less, Direct,
the =One= Universal energy-flow.

Myriad "mechanisms" can be so Engin-
eered, but there's 'only' the =One=
energy-supply that can power any, and
all, of them.

Why I'm getting into all of this is be-
cause I want to "make the connection"
that Truth is Coupled, Absolutely, to
the same Universal energy-density
gradient, and nervous systems can
Know Truth be-cause they Operate
within, and upon, the One Universal
energy-density gradient, which is
Continuously "pouring-itself-out" in
ways that are routinely Witnessed
in the midst of our Living.

What NDT is is a "Guide" for how
and why all of this happens within
nervous systems.

What TH is is a "Guide" for how
and why all of this happens within
physical reality.

When either, or both, come to ex-
ist within nervous systems, each is
literally embodied in the form of
"biological mass" that enables a
nervous system to literally See
Truth, and to Act-upon-Truth in
ways that are aligned-with-Truth.

This is the Fundamental-Essence
of "Freedom".

Think about it.

k. p. collins 

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