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On the Non-Existence of the so-called 'four forces' of Nature

kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Wed May 18 06:03:01 EST 2005

"kenneth collins" <kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote in message 
news:7Dnie.778581$w62.583138 at bgtnsc05-news.ops.worldnet.att.net...
| [...]

| The stuff I wrote about, in another recent
| post, "lifted me out" of that endeavor, how-
| ever. I'll try to return to it after my Spirit
| heals, a bit. [I'm not looking-forward to do-
| ing so. The Cruelty that's intermingled al-
| ways "slices-me-up" 'pretty-good' -- it's
| like "torture" that, it's 'funny', I have to in-
| flict upon myself because the Cruelty is
| intermingled with the discussions I posted.
| Kind of like "weeds" growing in the midst
| of a flower-garden -- only the "weeds"
| blossom with Cruelty that's always palpable
| to me as I work to draw the "data" together.
| [...]

What comprises this "Cruelty" that's "inter-
mingled", within the record, of the stuff I've
discussed online?

It's the squirming-Cowardly way in which
folks've 'done anything' =except= that
which they 'Profess' to be "Obliged" to
do -- treating 'me' as if I'm some sort of
1. "Criminal", or 2. "research assistant",
or 3. "dupe", or some 4. "non-Human data-
source" -- which, typically, ends-up with
me having poured-myself-out, while the
Cruel folks 'take' the stuff I've discussed
in order to 'seek-profits'.

Try to imagine how Enormously-Revulsive
all of this's been to me.

I Plead and Beg that the stuff I discuss
not be ab-used, and the more I so Beg
and Plead, the more Jackass folks 'just'
do more Cruel stuff.

And the record of such is intermingled
within the record of the stuff that I've
posted. So I've got to wade-through-
the-Cruelty in order to reread my own

And, given the fact that, for a =long=
'time', my personal circumstances've
been such that I'm always "holding on
to Life by a fine thread", having to re-
read the record of what folks've 'chos-
en' to do, in response to my pleading
and begging, 'just' rends-my-'heart'.

It's kind of like if an Innocent man
were Imprisoned, and, on top of
his Imprisonment, was continually
forced to endure 'mocking' about
how he was Imprisoned, despite
his Innocence, by folks who Pro-
fess to "serve justice", and who 'gain'
their 'places' within 'society' on
that 'basis', which the "Imprisoned
man" can See is 'just' a False-facade -- 
a 'disquise' through which his Jailers
endeavor to 'blind' others to what's
happening within the man's Impris-

This sort of thing has become Ramp-
ant within 'america'.

It's built-right-into what is held to
'be' "The Law".

Where America once carried the
Stuff of The Declaration Of Inde-
pendence and The Constitution in
Her 'heart', always Rising to the
Defense of such Stuff, it's come
to be that those who 'hold-power'
in 'america' give such Stuff 'only'
Sleazy 'lip-service', even to the point
of Abrogating formerly-Confirmed
Treaty Agreements -- like The Geneva
Conventions, on the 'basis' of =nothing=
more than Sleaze that 'seeks' to
Twist-and-Turn its 'way through'
Truth. [Which, it's Sorrowwfully-
'Hilarious', hands the Terrorists a
Fulsome-Victory over America.
Think about it.]

And Truth, so Dishonored, does
what it does, Regardless.

So, Sadly, in the 'end', the Sleazy
folks Deceive =themselves= the
most -- while, Sadly-too, they drag the
Citizenry Down 'with'-them as they
Deceive themselves.

When I look-upon what's in The
Declaration Of Independence and
The Constitution Of The United
States Of America, and all the Blood
that's been Shed to Fight for that
Stuff -- all of the Son's and Daughters
who were Born-Into-America's-Promise
being =Lost= in the Fight for it -- seeing
all that Precious Stuff being Dishonored
by 'bureaucrats' who've 'earned' their
'places' within that into which that which
was formerly America has Descended,
by 'excelling' at 'moving away from'
Truth -- =that= being the 'thing' for which
they are 'honored' through the attainment
of their 'positions', it "makes my blood

Such is =Rampant= within that which
'america' presently 'is'.

And my Knowledge of all of this, as
it's recorded in the archives I keep,
is the "Cruelty" of which I wrote in
my preceding post.

I have to experience it, over and over
again, when I read in that record -- 
like the Innocent man, Imprisoned,
and 'mocked' "because" he is Impris-
oned even though he is Innocent.

It's a =Savage= circumstance in
which to 'exist', made all the more
Savage be-cause all attempts to
reach-beyond it's Savagery are,
themselves, turned-back-upon
one's self in 'ways' that twist-and-
turn one's Pleading and Begging
into 'grounds for one's Imprison-

And the more one Pleads and
Begs that he be Released from
such, the more one is thrust more-
deeply into the Unjust Imprison-

["We can't allow =him= to have
a voice. He knows too much
about what we've been doing." And,
so, Truth is 'moved away from' by
folks wanting to 'cover-their-butts',
which leaves 'only' 'Absence-of-
Truth', and, in 'Absence-of-Truth',
Truth does what it does, Regardless.
So the 'Sleaze' 'just' Amplifies it-

This's what I experience as the
"Cruelty" -- the "torture" -- of which
I wrote in my preceding post.

| So I don't know when [if] I'll be endure
| this "torture" [it'd be another thing if I was
| not Struggling to just stay-Alive. The com-
| bination is Hard to endure, unscathed.]
| [...]

| [How and why such "in-the-background"
| 'stuff' occurs is as I discussed in the
| lenthy "side-bar" of my preceding post.
| Folks 'see' through the "lens" of the "bio-
| logical mass" that's been constructed
| within their nervous systems during the
| courses of their prior experience.
| So, when this Person goes to that "Expert",
| seeking "criticism" of the stuff another Per-
| son asserts, what transpires is that the en-
| ergy flows within the "Expert's" nervous
| system in accord with the "biological mass"
| that was previously constructed within the
| "Expert's" nervous system, and, since the
| "Expert" has [probably] not experienced
| either Tapered Harmony or Neuroscientific
| Duality Theory [be-cause neither have been
| allowed Publication], there'll be relatively-
| little "biological mass" within the "Expert's"
| nervous system that's correlated to either
| TH or NDT, so how can the energy flow-
| ing within the "Expert's" nervous stytem
| empower the "Expert's" nervous system
| with respect to TH or NDT?
| It cannot.

In my preceding post, I "left-out" one
Important thing. It is the stuff that I dis-
cussed, above, in this post.

It cannot be missed, in reading the
record of the discussions I've posted,
that Folks =do= understand NDT's and
TH's stuff, but that they're 'pretendng'
that they 'do not' -- "because, after all,
it's not been published".

So, 'on the basis of' that 'technicality',
folks 'seek-profits' by using what they
understand of NDT's and TH's stuff,
while, superficially, 'pretending that
they 'do not understand' NDT's and TH's

Taking my Life -- consigning 'me'
to my virtual Imprisonment, and,
vastly-more-Importantly, along with
'me', all those upon whose behalfs
both NDT and TH were developed.

And, when I go to folks, to seek re-
dress, I've not only got to endure
their 'twisting-and-turning moving
away from' Truth -- the "mocking"
of the conditions into which I am
"Imprisoned" -- I've also got to en-
dure my own Seeing the Terrible
Falsehood that they Inflict upon
themselves -- and Ive routinely
been there on =their= behalfs -- 
wanting to not Fail to Lift-them-
up, too.

One cannot Know what "Savagery"
is until one has experienced this
particular set of things.

It's what happened to Jesus.

He, 'only'-Lovingly-wanting-to-Lift-
Humanity-Up, being, instead, Savagely,
"lifted-up" in 'just'-the-opposite 'way'.

What's the Solution to this Savage-Mess?

It's Simple, and Easy.

But, to folks who've made it their
'purpose' in 'life' to 'move away from'
Truth it seems both 'Complex' and
'Hard' -- be-cause all their fomer
'moving away from' Truth weighs-
heavily upon their abilities to, 'now',
Honor Truth.

See why I've gone on and on about,
"Honor Truth, and Truth Honors you
right back, and Not, and Not, Unfailingly"?

'moving away from' Truth, to the de-
gree that one 'does'so', renders one
'Incapable' of Doing =anything=.

And =that' is what America has allowed
Herself to be 'transformed'-into.

Do you See =The= Sorrow?

When I undertook the Development of
NDT, I didn't set-out to "learn" this

My Learning of it 'just' happened as I
endeavored to bring NDT's Truth
forward -- be-cause I was always
coming-up-against the 'Sleaze', and
had to understand 'that', in order to
discover a way-around-it.

I've found that there is no such 'way'.

There is only =this= Way.

Honor Truth with respect to what 'it'
[the 'Sleaze'] does to Humanity.

We've got to send folks to Washington,
D. C. who =Honor Truth= -- not their
'personal interests' -- not 'Sleaze' -- 
not 'moving away from' Truth.

[And the Problem isn't restricted to
American Leadership. It's the Same-Stuff
with respect to Leadership across Humanity.]

It takes my breath away to See, through
the "lens" of my own experience, what
happens to a man who Honors Truth.

As things 'stand', it's all "inside-out,
upside-down", and backward".

"Inverted" [AoK, Ap4].

Wake up!

Do 'just'-the-opposite-of-what's-
come-to-be-'accepted' Stuff!

No more 'Sleaze'!

Honor Truth, and Truth Honors you
right back.

Not, and Not.


It's Simple, and Easy.

It only seems 'Complex' and 'Hard'
be-cause "biological mass" witthin
folks' nervous systems has been
formed during folks' experiencing
of the generalized, and generally-
'accepted' [be-cause 'acceptance'
derives in 'blindly'-automated TD
E/I-minimization, left uncomprehend-
ed] 'moving away from' Truth.

That's the "Not-Honor-you-right-
back" 'stuff'.

What do folks 'expect' it to do in
the midst of their 'lives'?

In 'Absence-of-Truth', Truth does
what it does, Regardless.


Wake up!

k. p. collins 

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