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On the Non-Existence of the so-called 'four forces' of Nature

kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Tue May 17 09:57:07 EST 2005

Small Clarifications, below.

"kenneth collins" <kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote in message 
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| [...]

| I've explained how and why the so-called
| "four forces", that're invoked in the tradi-
| tional view of physical reality, are replaced
| by the single energy-flow that is WDB2T
| in Tapered Harmony. [...]

That is, I've demonstrated, repeatedly, how
and why the so-called "four forces" fall-right-
out of the Volume/Surface-area ratio [V/Ar]
of the SSW<->UES harmonics and WDB2T.

I wasn't 'looking for dirt' when I, recently,
began to go back through copies of my
long-former posts. What I was doing de-
rived in my Obligation to consolidate a dis-
cussion of Tapered Harmony, so folks can
consider it 'whole'.

The stuff I wrote about, in another recent
post, "lifted me out" of that endeavor, how-
ever. I'll try to return to it after my Spirit
heals, a bit. [I'm not looking-forward to do-
ing so. The Cruelty that's intermingled al-
ways "slices-me-up" 'pretty-good' -- it's
like "torture" that, it's 'funny', I have to in-
flict upon myself because the Cruelty is
intermingled with the discussions I posted.
Kind of like "weeds" growing in the midst
of a flower-garden -- only the "weeds"
blossom with Cruelty that's always palpable
to me as I work to draw the "data" together.

So I don't know when [if] I'll be endure
this "torture" [it'd be another thing if I was
not Struggling to just stay-Alive. The com-
bination is Hard to endure, unscathed.]

Those who've saved the discussions I've
posted, over the 'years', already have
the "data" that Verifies everything I've
ever asserted with respect to TH, includ-
ing the Verification of the non-existense
of the so-called "four forces".

| But I'm going to do the same thing -- toss-
| out the so-called "four forces" -- from a
| different perspective.
| [...]

| 1. All available experimental evidence
| substantiates that the one-way flow
| of energy that is WDB2T is a Uni-
| versal phenomenon [if it "were not",
| then it'd be possible, in principle, to
| go where it's "not" so, and build
| a 'perpetual-motion machine, and,
| from there, supply all of the Universe's
| energy needs.
| 2. When one considers the above, one
| sees that WDB2T is mutually-ex-
| clusive with the possibility that "there
| exist separable forces" [forces that
| "act independently" of each other.
| 3. This's True be-cause, if it "were not"
| True, then one would be able to vary
| any such 'force' "independently" of
| the others, and, therefore, 'independ-
| ently of WDB2T. Which 'would lead'
| directly to the "were not" 'condition'
| of 1., above.

Can folks see how and why the trad-
itional view, which 'asserts' the so-called
"four forces" Breaks-Down here?

It's be-cause, say, if it were possible to
alter 'gravity' independently of the other
three so-called "forces", that'd mean
that one 'was' acting in a 'way' that
'would be' outside of WDB2T -- that
within that which one 'did', WDB2T
'did not occur'.

All available experimental evidence
substantiates that 'such' cannot be
accomplished -- which points-right-
to the Fact [in Tapered Harmony]
that =all= "action" is empowered by
a =single= energy-flow, which TH
holds is WDB2T, and which, on a
cosmological-scale, is manifested in
the expansion of the Universe.

All Possible experimental results
can be analyzed in the same way,
the results always being the same
with respect to the =one= energy-

| 4. Rather, since all available exper-
| imental evidence substantiates that
| WDB2T is a Universal phenomenon,
| the only way that it can be so is IFF
| what've been held to 'be' the "four
| forces of Nature" are actually one
| thing, seen from four "different" points
| of view.

Again, these "four 'different' points
of view" are Resolved into a single
view in Tapered Harmony, and I've
Verified that it's so, repeatedly, in
former discussions that I've posted
here in b.n, in other online 'places',
emails, letters, telephone calls, and
in-person discussions.

| 5. What I'm getting at is what I discussed
| in my prior post [linked-to above] in
| its enumerated section and immediately
| following -- =operations= upon the
| Directionality of energy's flowing;
| "power supplies" not being "energy
| sources" but energy-operators.

Can folks see this pretty-Important

An automobile's engine =does not=
"power the motion" of the automobile.

Energy does.

"Gasoline" does not "power the motion"
of an automobile.

Energy does [here, one has to break
"gasoline" down to it's fundamental
energy-releasing "operations", and, to
do that, one must also reduce the "op-
erations" through which energy comes
to be "stored" in the form of "petroleum".

An "electric motor" does not "power
the motion" of a table-saw's blade as
it cuts-through a piece of wood.

Energy does. The "electric motor"
'just' "operates" upon the energy that
flows-through it.

The "muscles" of one's body do not
"power the motion" of one's body.

Energy does. The "muscles" 'just'
"operate" upon the energy that flows-
through them.

"Neurons" and "glia", and their mol-
ecular constituents, do not "power
the motion" of the ionic conductances
that are manifested within nervous sys-

Energy does. And it's energy that Dir-
ects the "actions" of the molecular con-
stituents that comprise "neurons" and

It's the Same with respect to =all=
physical systems.

'atoms' do not "power the actions"
of 'nuclear' reactors.

Energy does.

Get it?

Everything within physical reality re-
duces to the =one= thing -- energy
flowing from greater-density to lesser-

The so-called "four forces" =do not=
"power the motion" of anything.

Energy does.

All the so-called "four forces" 'are' are
artificially-'circumscribed' energy-flow
'domains' with respect to which there
exist no physically-real "boundaries".
the 'boundaries' that've been 'presumed'
to 'exist' are all Arbitrary, man-made,
"concepts", in the same way that "meters"
and "seconds" are man-made concepts
that were developed to enable the "par-
celization" of 'calculations' [which is
pretty-Funny be-cause such overlaying
of "parcelized"-'calculation'-facilitators
renders Calculation virtually-"Impossi-
ble" -- be-cause it 'blinds' 'calculation'
to the =one= Universal energy-flow.

| 6. In other words, there can be the all-
| experimental-evidence-substantiated
| stuff of 2nd Thermo, =or= there can
| be "independent forces", but not both.
| 7. And that's all that's necessary to Elim-
| inate the "conceptualization" that "there
| exist four distinct forces".
| 8. Else, one has to "toss-out" all avail-
| able experimental evidence.
| Get it?
| [Keep in-mind that what's actually hap-
| pening is the stuff in the lengthy Neuro-
| science portion of this post, while you
| explore it to your satisfaction.
| What happened was that Physics got
| "myopic" with respect to what experi-
| mental evidence "is applicable" to which
| problem.
| Along with the so-called "four forces",
| I'm Eliminating that Myopia.
| I'll probably expand this brief discussion
| in follow-up posts. Don't know yet. It's
| all crystal-clear to me as I write this.]
| [Aside: I really do wish that Physicists
| who disagree would state their disagree-
| ment directly, here in b.n, instead of -- 
| you know -- 'discounting' the Physics I
| discuss without having ever addressed
| it directly to me.
| Pretty-'wimpy', no?
| Yup.

[How and why such "in-the-background"
'stuff' occurs is as I discussed in the
lenthy "side-bar" of my preceding post.

Folks 'see' through the "lens" of the "bio-
logical mass" that's been constructed
within their nervous systems during the
courses of their prior experience.

So, when this Person goes to that "Expert",
seeking "criticism" of the stuff another Per-
son asserts, what transpires is that the en-
ergy flows within the "Expert's" nervous
system in accord with the "biological mass"
that was previously constructed within the
"Expert's" nervous system, and, since the
"Expert" has [probably] not experienced
either Tapered Harmony or Neuroscientific
Duality Theory [be-cause neither have been
allowed Publication], there'll be relatively-
little "biological mass" within the "Expert's"
nervous system that's correlated to either
TH or NDT, so how can the energy flow-
ing within the "Expert's" nervous stytem
empower the "Expert's" nervous system
with respect to TH or NDT?

It cannot.

Yet folks routinely allow that "cannot"-'stuff'
to 'empower' the functioning of their own
nervous systems.

And I'm left out-here, Dying, as a Con-
sequence of 'stuff' that's as =Nothing=
as 'that-stuff'.

And no one can understand why it is
that I Cry-Out against the Injustice

| And folks who listen to such 'behind-
| the-scenes-discounting', are pretty-
| gullible, no?
| Yup.

It's easy to understand how and why they
do so -- they're 'just' allowing their nervous
systems to be driven by the external en-
ergy-flow that impinges-upon them, rather
than using their nervous systems' innate
capabilities to =Direct= the energy that
flows within them [rather than to "Think"].

That President Lincoln had an Awesome
"intuitive" Awareness of this stuff is evident
in his saying: "In our present differences,
is either party without faith of being in the

In this one question, Mr. Lincoln went to
the "Heart" of the Travail that confronts
Humanity in our 'times'. Look around, and
one Sees unquestioned "faith of being in
the right" Ravaging, regardless of "faith".

| That's one 'way' in which the Savagery
| is perpetuated.]
| I mean no offense.
| I mean 'just'-the-opposite stuff.

Anyway, the so-called "four forces" of
Nature have no physically-real Existence.

Theis is =NOT= to say that they've no
correlates within the =One= Universal

=Of course= they have physically-real
correlates within the One Universal en-

It's 'just' that the One Universal energy-
flow is Continuous and Infinitely-divisible,
and, therefore, manifests itself differentially
with respect to =energy-density=.

Folks've Erred in 'parcelizing' with 're-
spect' to energy-density, instead of 'just'
Calculating with respect to energy-density.

That's what both NDT and TH do.

And it makes all the Difference between
Seeing physical reality and 'seeing' what
formerly-constructed "biological mass"
'Dictates' that one 'must see'.

In this Difference are Roosevelt's "Four
Freedoms" -- and =all= Freedom, in-
cluding Freedom-of-Thought, Freedom-
from-Savagery, and Freedom-to-Be-
Fully-Human -- instead of 'being' some

So it's Worth the work, inherent.

President Lincoln: ~"Nothing good ever
comes to us without first having cost
us labor."

It's True.

K. P. Collins 

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