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Left/Righ and hearing

kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Mon May 16 19:32:42 EST 2005

"Dirk Bruere at Neopax" <dirk at neopax.com> wrote in message news:3erl97F4ic66U1 at individual.net...
| kenneth collins wrote:
| > "Dirk Bruere at Neopax" <dirk at neopax.com> wrote in message
| > news:3ea19iF1vgmlU2 at individual.net...
| > | Left and right visual data are procecessed by opposite hemispheres.
| > | Is the same true of hearing, or is it left-left and right-right?
| >
| > Fundamentally, yes, but, in audition,
| > there's a much-more-robust "cross-
| > talk" which enters, importantly, into
| > sound localization via 'simple' orient-
| > 'til-auditory-power-is-hemispherically-
| > 'equalized' dynamics -- which, typically,
| > leaves one with the direction from which
| > the "sound" emanated front-center
| > with respect to one's ears :-]
| >
| > [It 'routinely' fails along the midline -- 
| > a sound that happens to occur along
| > the midline sometimes isn't properly
| > located along a front-to-back "axis".
| > I get-around this by tilting my head
| > as I "orient" with respect to sound-
| > localization.]
| >
| > ken [k. p. collins]
| What about sensory information eg tactile, from left and right sides of the body
| eg hands? Is the processing of this info done preferentially by one hemisphere?

Hi Dirk,

To reply adequately, I'd have to write
a book [which I've done, BTW :-]

There's no "one-liner" that encompases
the stuff of your query.

=Everything= within 'normal' nervous
systems is structurally-ordered in a
particular way that enables nervous
systems to converge-upon "approp-
riate responses, to stimulus-sets, by
doing =one= thing -- minimizing the
topologically-distributed ratios of
excitatory activation to inhibitory
activation ["TD E/I-minimization].

The phenomenon of "decussation",
itself, exhibits complex topological
covariance with respect to this =one=
global-nervous-system TD E/I-mini-
mization "goal". That is, "decussa-
tion" is not a "left/right" monolith as
it's so often presented in everyday

So, while, yes, the control of one's
hands does occur "preferentially"
in the opposite hemisphere of one's
brain, saying only that is little better
than saying nothing.

Because there's a =lot= more than
that that's involved in controlling
one's hands.

I'll send you a copy of my book
[gratis] if you want it. [Runs under
Windows[tm] and/or MSDOS[tm].
Reply in b.n 'cause I'm no longer
reading my 'email'.

The book contains the Answer
to your query, so if you want to
know, there it is.

Understanding this particular stuff
is quite-Rewarding. It's literally
the key that unlocks nervous system
function, enabling it to be understood
in its entirety [because it assigns ev-
erything its place within the overall
structural order that I addressed
early in this reply, above.]

ken [k. p. collins] 

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