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Left/Righ and hearing

Dirk Bruere at Neopax dirk at neopax.com
Mon May 16 08:24:55 EST 2005

kenneth collins wrote:

> "Dirk Bruere at Neopax" <dirk at neopax.com> wrote in message
> news:3ea19iF1vgmlU2 at individual.net...
> | Left and right visual data are procecessed by opposite hemispheres.
> | Is the same true of hearing, or is it left-left and right-right?
> Fundamentally, yes, but, in audition,
> there's a much-more-robust "cross-
> talk" which enters, importantly, into
> sound localization via 'simple' orient-
> 'til-auditory-power-is-hemispherically-
> 'equalized' dynamics -- which, typically,
> leaves one with the direction from which
> the "sound" emanated front-center
> with respect to one's ears :-]
> [It 'routinely' fails along the midline -- 
> a sound that happens to occur along
> the midline sometimes isn't properly
> located along a front-to-back "axis".
> I get-around this by tilting my head
> as I "orient" with respect to sound-
> localization.]
> ken [k. p. collins]

What about sensory information eg tactile, from left and right sides of the body 
eg hands? Is the processing of this info done preferentially by one hemisphere?


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