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kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Sun May 15 04:58:38 EST 2005

It's 'funny' -- last evening, after I got off
from work, I stopped at a store to buy
some cigarettes :-[ and while waiting in
the Cashier's line, I saw some inexpensive
piezoelectric lighters that were offerred
for-sale. Having recalled the "electrodes"
that I'll discuss below, and wanting to
check my 'understanding', I picked one
up and tried to press it's button-trigger,
but it had a "Child-proof" mechanism,
and, since I'd reached the Cashier, there
wasn't 'time' to read the operating instruc-
tions, so I replaced it in its display with-
out "clicking" it. It's like God was tell-
ing me His Opinion of the stuff I'd
written in my previous post :-]

"Trash!, ken."

Necessary CORRECTION, below.

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||| [...]
||| What happens is that the "sharp-edged"
||| pressure-differentials act collectively, to
||| literally squeeze energy that's 'normally'
||| 'contained' within SSW<->UES harmon-
||| ics into the non-SSW energy-surround,
||| which creates a "conducting-path" for
||| the flow of "charge" between Earth and
||| clouds.
||| [...]
|| One literally experiences this "squeezed-
|| out" UES when one's "hair stands on
|| end" just before a lightning bolt is going
|| to strike nearby one's position.
|| [...]
| "piezo-pref. Pressure: piezoelectricity.
| [From Greek piezein, to press tight, squeeze.
| See sed-.]" [American Heritage Dictionary]
| pi-e-zo-e-lec-tric-i-ty (pi-ezo-i-lek-trisi-te,
| -elek-, pe-azo-)n. The generation of electricity
| or of electric polarity in dielectric crystals subjected
| to mechanical stress, or the generation of stress in
| such crystals subjected to an applied voltage" [ibid]
| pi-e-zom-e-ter (pii-zomi-tr, pei-)n. An
| instrument for measuring pressure, especially
| high pressure. [ibid]
| "Squeezing."
| Think about "piezoelectricity", a bit.
| Squeeze the crystal and, "poof!" electricity
| happens. You know -- like when one uses
| one of those fancy-'dan' cigarette lighters --
| actuating a little "lever" that's hooked-up
| to the "button" that [when] one presses[,]
| opens the lighter's fuel-valve[ ]and, simul-
| taneously, co[m]presses a piesoelectric
| crystal, which ignites the lighters' fuel
| [typically butane].
| "Click-"poof!", "click-"poof!, "click-"poof!"...
| One's lighter might run out of fuel, but the
| little ignition-sparks of electricity just keep
| coming [up to a point where WDB2T takes
| it's toll on the crystal's lattice].
| See the interesting thing?
| There're no wires attached to the crystal,
| so how does the crystal keep-on giving
| it's little sparks of energy?

I recall, from my Young-'days', while work-
ing at a smoke-shop, that there =are= two
"electrodes"; one from which the spark jumps
[the "cathode"], and another to which the
"sparks" jump [the "anode"]. I was not un-
aware of this when I wrote my earlier post. I
'just' didn't integrate it in what I wrote [which
is an 'embarassing' insight into the 'state' of my
TD E/I-minimization while I was writing the
earlier post -- compare that one and this one,
and you'll see that, in writing the earlier one,
I 'moved away from' Truth in order to 'achieve'
='blindly'=-automated TD E/I-minimization
within my nervous system -- thereby Failing,
which is the only thing that can happen when
one 'moves away from Truth [to the degree
that one does 'move away from' Truth]. [My
private word for this is "sheeshmunk", usually
"Sheeshmunk!". Hence the Necessity of this
CORRECTION. Want to 'move [back] to-
ward' Truth.] Including these electrodes clar-
ifies some stuff that =Needs= to be clarified,
and alters a lot with respect to what I wrote,
earlier,, but not the =fundamental= thing that
I had in-mind as I wrote. I'll discuss more

| There is a "power supply",  but there're
| "no strings [wires] attached".

Except the "electrodes". I've never taken
one of these lighters apart [could never
afford one :-] to see its Engineered-part-
iculars, but I expect that the electrodes
do lead back, somehow, to the crystal,
completing a "circuit" within which the
"spark"'s traversing the gap between the
crystal forms a portion.

There =is= a "circuit".

| What happens is that, when the cyrstal
| is deformed by the action of the little lever,
| its lattice is deformed in a way that cor-
| relates to the distribution of the "pressure"
| that's applied.

Which correlates with the emission of "elec-
tricity" from/by the crystal.

| And, when the lever "snaps"-beyond its
| pressurizing maximum, the crystal lattice
| "springs back", and becomes ready to
| emit another little spark of energy.
| See what's interesting in-there?
| How does the crystal both emit electricity,
| and gain the potential to emit more elec-
| tricity -- over and over again.
| If that were your car, you'd never have to
| stop for gasoline -- so what's happening
| in the crystal is pretty-Spectacular.

I 'skipped' something =Important=, immed-
iately-above -- that, when one presses the
button-trigger, one is doing physical work
which imparts energy to the crystal.

=You= are the =power supply" :-]

What's happening is that, as one presses
the button-trigger, the physical work that
one performs is mechanically-transformed
into a "stress" within the crystal's lattice.
[The crystal deforms, a bit.], and this im-
parts =increased= energy within the crystal's

[My "accounting" is getting better.]

So my 'self-filling gasoline tank' comments
are unfounded in-Truth. Sorry, but please
read on in this CORRECTION.

With respect to the 'car', it'd be one to
which you supplied energy by "cranking
it up", by doing a commensurate quant-
ity of physical work in some way -- like
when one winds the crank of those radios
or lanterns that have wind-up power sup-

Needless to say, given the mass of a
typical car, one wouldn't want to go
very far in such a 'car' :-]

| Get it?

I am -- belatedly.

| There're no "wires" attached to it, coing
| from some secret battery pack.

There =is= a "circuit", as above.

| "poof!"...
| and "POOF!"
| Electricity-out -- over and over again.
| Is a piezoelectric crystal some sort of
| "endless energy supply"?
| No, but it's hooked-up to one.

If the energy in the Universe is Infinite,
this remains True.

| When the crystal is "squeezed", the
| SSW<->UES harmonics comprising
| its 'atomic' structure become deformed,
| and, when the pressure is released, the
| deformed SSW<->UES harmonics
| "snap-back" to their "relaxed" Geometries.
| But there's a realy-interesting energy-
| "accounting" going-on in-there.
| The little sparks of energy that flow out
| of the crystal are "gone" -- I mean, they
| were released from the crystal. They do
| physical work.
| [S]o it can't be that they're "looping-back'
| into the crystal.
| They're "gone".

There =is= a "circuit", which, I presume,
loops-back to the crystal.

In my earlier post, I was 'two'-narrowly
'focused' upon the "heat" and "light" that
emanate from the energy released from
the crystal -- the "spark". These are what
is "gone". They "melt"-back into the UES.

But, in my earlier post, I Failed to work-
through the necessary analysis sufficiently.

Specifically, I didn't carry-through the
work one does when one presses the

And the energy that allows one to perform
this work traces back through the food-chain,
to Sun's emissions -- and beyond, to the ex-
pansion of the Universe and the one-way
flow of energy, from order to disorder, that
is what's described by 2nd Thermo [WDB2T].

The "circuit" is =really= huge, needing the
whole Universe.

| Yet the crystal becomes immediately ready,
| upon its release from the pressure that was
| exerted upon it, to emit another little "squirt"
| of electricity.
| Over and over again.
| "Poof!", "gone"-energy, "POOF!"-energy-
| is-restored.
| Whence comes this 'endless' supply of
| energy-refills?

Here, I was [trying] to get to "the point"
that I wanted to share in my earlier discus-

| Where can it come from?
| [...]
| Does the "resupply" happen as a result
| of 'random thermal motions" -- you know -- 
| tiny 'atomic jiggling'?
| Getting-close -- but what empowers these
| 'atomic jiggles'?
| Are they "Free"?
| 'Free' energy?
| We're back at your car's gasoline tank
| 'refilling' itself. [Want to sell that 'car'? :-]

Want to 'sell' me the Brooklyn Bridge? :-]

| What happens is that, just like in the case
| of the "sharp-edged pressure confronta-
| tions" that I discussed in my prior posts in
| this thread, energy is "squeezed-out" of
| the SSW<->UES harmonics be-cause of
| the asymmetrycally-applied forces that
| they experience.

You =put= energy into the crystal's lattice
as a result of the work you do in pressing
the button-trigger, and, when the "lever"
passes it's max-compression point, the
crystal's lattice springs-back, releasing the
energy that you imparted to the crystal,
which energy flows in the "circuit", of which
the "spark" forms a portion.

It's both unlike, and like, what I wrote in
my earlier post.

It's "unlike" because, in my earlier post, I
'overlooked' the Need to explain how the
work one does forms a Necessary part
of the energy-accounting.

It's "like" because the energy imparted to
the crystal's lattice, as a result of the work
one does in pressing the button-trigger,
doesn't flow out of one's body and into
the crystal. The work one does operates
upon the physical mechanism of the lighter,
and the physical mechanism of the lighter
"responds" to the work that's performed
upon it.

There're coupled energy-transformation
sub-hierarchies inherent.

1. The energy-flow that is WDB2T.

2. Energy from the sun and the rest of the
    Universe -->

2a. 'atomic' energy in one's body -->
    [the SSW<->UES harmonics]

2b. 'molecular' energy in one's body -->
    [multi-'atom' SSW<->UES harmonics]

2c. Mechanical energy by your body -->
    [the work one performs in the motion
    one manifests in pressing the button-

3. Energy from the sun and the rest of the
    Universe -->

3a. 'atomic' energy in the lighter's mechan-
    ism -->
    [including the work that was done in
    designing, engineering, and manufactur-
    ing the "lighter"]

3b. 'atomic' energy in the crystal's lattice -->

3c. Energy released back to the Universe
    in the form of heat and light in the

[2. and 3. are the same thing, marking an
[arbitrary] 'starting-point' for the sub-

These coupled energy-transformation
sub-hierarchies aren't "neatly-linear" as in
my listing of them. Rather, energy comes
and goes in myriad ways throughout the el-
ements of each of the two energy-transform-
ation sub-hierarchies in the list.

And that's what I was 'trying' to get at in
my earlier post.

There's an overall energy-"sink" that em-
powers everything, and, as I discussed
in another recent post, our nervous sys-
tems 'blindly' and automatically =do
Physics= with respect to that overall
energy-"sink", the result being that our
bodies, more or less, 'climb' the energy-
gradient within that overall energy-"sink",
which is WDB2T.

In 2c., above, the energy that flows
doesn't flow from one's body into the

Rather, one's nervous system Directs
the motion of one's body in ways that
=operate-upon= the overall energy-
"sink" -- operate relative to WDB2T -- 
the Universal Energy Supply [UES],
and, depending upon the degree to
which the motions of one's body con-
form to the inverse of WDB2T, one,
more or less, Directs the flow of
energy =within the UES=.

Which is what I was getting-at in my
earlier post, in which I Failed to ade-
quately account for the energy-flow.

| And, when the asymmetric applied-force
| ceases, energy in the UES, 'wanting' to
| maximize its "ephemerance" [it's freedom
| to move], flows back into the distorted
| SSW<->UES harmonics, restoring their
| 'spherical' Geometries, and, since a "sphere"
| is the "form" that contains the greatest vol-
| ume per surface-area, more energy can
| flow-into the non-deformed SSW<->UES
| harmonics.
| In such geometric-cycling, 'atoms' act, lit-
| erally, as little energy-pumps -- pump-
| ing energy relative to their energy-sur-
| round, the UES ["Universal Energy Supply"].
| The traditional view takes a circuituous
| "route" to the 'same' end -- invoking myr-
| iad 'particle-particle' interactions that're
| never adequately accounted-for [this hap-
| pens be-cause the traditional view is lit-
| erally attracted-to the TD E/I-minimiza-
| tion that shear repetition of its particulars
| induces within nervous systems].

[God wanted to Chastise me for my
Arrogance [born of fighting-against Despair],
so He stood-apart from me while I spouted-
off about [energy]-"accounting" while
Failing to Account-for-Energy.

Teach me, more, Lord.]

| Accounting:
| Say that the little sparks of electricity that
| are squeezed-out of a piezoelectrical crys-
| tal are comprised of "electrons".
| "poof!" -- those 'electrons' are =gone=.

It's the heat and light that're "gone" [back
into the UES, traveling down the overall
Universal energy-density-gradient that
is WDB2T].

| Whence come the "refill" 'electrons'?

What I meant was, whence comes the
capacity to emit more heat and light,
even though the emitted heat and light
are "gone"?

| Test it:
| Squeeze a well-isolated [non-conducting
| pressurizing-lever] piezoelectric crystal
| in a 'vacuum'.
| Does it "spark"?

Does it emit heat and light?

| If so, all traditional "charge"-carriers can
| be Discounted.

Observer: "Electrons flow from cathode to
anode, just like in 'piezoelectric lighters',
Ken. And they flow because energy is sup-
plied to the cathode."


It's another aspect to the stuff I was 'try-
ing' to get-at in my earlier post that there
are no "energy supplies" other than WDB2T.

What's referred to as "the power supply"
in Electronics [or Mechanics, Chemistry,
etc.] 'just' =Directs= portions of the flow
of energy that is WDB2T.

| Which leaves only the UES as the "filling-
| station".
| [...]

The larger Problem that I was working-on
when I wrote my earlier, short-shrifted, post
is the Lifting-Up of folks to understanding
that everything's connected within physical

There are no "independent power supplies".

There are no "independent" actions.

All actions spawn Rigorously-coupled
reactions, which is as old as Newton, but
folks've not gotten yet.

And all of this is physically-embodied
within nervous systems.

Nervous systems "read" the Direction-
alities of "actions" and configure ["super-
system configuration"; AoK, Ap5] them-
selves =both= with the "actions'" Direc-
tionalities =and= with respect to previously-
constructed "biological mass" [AoK, Ap5].

So it's good to know what it is that one
is "squeezing" before "squeezing" it.

Here, I'm talking about the Need for the
general communication of NDT's stuff.

As things stand, in the prevailing absence-
of-understanding with respect to how and
why nervous systems process information
via 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization,
folks're left to 'chance' in their interactions,
so they do stuff that, as is discussed in AoK,
Ap8, instantiate "inwardly-spiralling" inter-
active dynamics -- which pointDirectly-back
to themselves -- which augments the 'never'-
ending cycle of Violence within Humanity.

You know -- because they don't under-
stand nervous system function, folks un-
knowingly do stuff that's self-Destructive.

[I don't count because my understanding
requires that I just do what needs to be
done 'cause, if I don't, nobody else will,
and everything I do is 'unfamiliar' [TD
E/I(up)-inducing] to 'everyone' else, so
I just have to "slog through it".

I saw an =Excellent= Movie the other
day. =Crash=, that's the Best Theatrical
Performance dealing with this Problem
that I've ever seen. I Applaud the Cour-
age of all those who were involved in it's
making. [That it's doing well where I am
gives me Hope.]

[Aside: Since I mentioned the pain around
my heart, that's subsided. Switched to an-
other tobacco. A short-term 'fix'.

But, simultaneously, my old rabbit-eared
TV's reception went away.

"Spooky action at a distance" :-]

I Apologize for giving my earlier post

[Happy 146th 'Birthday' [1859] Pierre
Curie, Physicist. Say "Hi" to Marie for

K. P. Collins

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