On Tornadoes and other Meteorlogical Phenomenon

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|| What happens is that the "sharp-edged"
|| pressure-differentials act collectively, to
|| literally squeeze energy that's 'normally'
|| 'contained' within SSW<->UES harmon-
|| ics into the non-SSW energy-surround,
|| which creates a "conducting-path" for
|| the flow of "charge" between Earth and
|| clouds.
|| [...]
| One literally experiences this "squeezed-
| out" UES when one's "hair stands on
| end" just before a lightning bolt is going
| to strike nearby one's position.
| [...]

"piezo-pref. Pressure: piezoelectricity.
[From Greek piezein, to press tight, squeeze.
See sed-.]" [American Heritage Dictionary]

pi-e-zo-e-lec-tric-i-ty (pi-ezo-i-lek-trisi-te,
-elek-, pe-azo-)n. The generation of electricity
or of electric polarity in dielectric crystals subjected
to mechanical stress, or the generation of stress in
such crystals subjected to an applied voltage" [ibid]

pi-e-zom-e-ter (pii-zomi-tr, pei-)n. An
instrument for measuring pressure, especially
high pressure. [ibid]


Think about "piezoelectricity", a bit.

Squeeze the crystal and, "poof!" electricity
happens. You know -- like when one uses
one of those fancy-'dan' cigarette lighters --
actuating a little "lever" that's hooked-up
to the "button" that one presses opens the
lighter's fuel-valveand, simultaneously, con-
presses a piesoelectric crystal, which ignites
the lighters' fuel [typically butane].

"Click-"poof!", "click-"poof!, "click-"poof!"...

One's lighter might run out of fuel, but the
little ignition-sparks of electricity just keep
coming [up to a point where WDB2T takes
it's toll on the crystal's lattice].

See the interesting thing?

There're no wires attached to the crystal,
so how does the crystal keep-on giving
it's little sparks of energy?

There is a "power supply",  but there're
"no strings [wires] attached".

What happens is that, when the cyrstal
is deformed by the action of the little lever,
its lattice is deformed in a way that cor-
relates to the distribution of the "pressure"
that's applied.

And, when the lever "snaps"-beyond its
pressurizing maximum, the crystal lattice
"springs back", and becomes ready to
emit another little spark of energy.

See what's interesting in-there?

How does the crystal both emit electricity,
and gain the potential to emit more elec-
tricity -- over and over again.

If that were your car, you'd never have to
stop for gasoline -- so what's happening
in the crystal is pretty-Spectacular.

Get it?

There're no "wires" attached to it, coing
from some secret battery pack.


and "POOF!"

Electricity-out -- over and over again.

Is a piezoelectric crystal some sort of
"endless energy supply"?

No, but it's hooked-up to one.

When the crystal is "squeezed", the
SSW<->UES harmonics comprising
its 'atomic' structure become deformed,
and, when the pressure is released, the
deformed SSW<->UES harmonics
"snap-back" to their "relaxed" Geometries.

But there's a realy-interesting energy-
"accounting" going-on in-there.

The little sparks of energy that flow out
of the crystal are "gone" -- I mean, they
were released from the crystal. They do
physical work.

Ao it can't be that they're "looping-back'
into the crystal.

They're "gone".

Yet the crystal becomes immediately ready,
upon its release from the pressure that was
exerted upon it, to emit another little "squirt"
of electricity.

Over and over again.

"Poof!", "gone"-energy, "POOF!"-energy-

Whence comes this 'endless' supply of

Where can it come from?

No "wires" carrying an energy-resupply.

Does the "resupply" happen as a result
of 'random thermal motions" -- you know -- 
tiny 'atomic jiggling'?

Getting-close -- but what empowers these
'atomic jiggles'?

Are they "Free"?

'Free' energy?

We're back at your car's gasoline tank
'refilling' itself. [Want to sell that 'car'? :-]

What happens is that, just like in the case
of the "sharp-edged pressure confronta-
tions" that I discussed in my prior posts in
this thread, energy is "squeezed-out" of
the SSW<->UES harmonics be-cause of
the asymmetrycally-applied forces that
they experience.

And, when the asymmetric applied-force
ceases, energy in the UES, 'wanting' to
maximize its "ephemerance" [it's freedom
to move], flows back into the distorted
SSW<->UES harmonics, restoring their
'spherical' Geometries, and, since a "sphere"
is the "form" that contains the greatest vol-
ume per surface-area, more energy can
flow-into the non-deformed SSW<->UES

In such geometric-cycling, 'atoms' act, lit-
erally, as little energy-pumps -- pump-
ing energy relative to their energy-sur-
round, the UES ["Universal Energy Supply"].

The traditional view takes a circuituous
"route" to the 'same' end -- invoking myr-
iad 'particle-particle' interactions that're
never adequately accounted-for [this hap-
pens be-cause the traditional view is lit-
erally attracted-to the TD E/I-minimiza-
tion that shear repetition of its particulars
induces within nervous systems].


Say that the little sparks of electricity that
are squeezed-out of a piezoelectrical crys-
tal are comprised of "electrons".

"poof!" -- those 'electrons' are =gone=.

Whence come the "refill" 'electrons'?

Test it:

Squeeze a well-isolated [non-conducting
pressurizing-lever] piezoelectric crystal
in a 'vacuum'.

Does it "spark"?

If so, all traditional "charge"-carriers can
be Discounted.

Which leaves only the UES as the "filling-

Anyway, I've been spending some 'time'
[Energy] rereading long-former discussions
I've posted.


I've really "pushed" pretty-Hard.

A couple of things became obvious.

1. There's no way that folks cannot under-

2. That means that folks've been deliberately
'choosing' to allow their Brothers and Sisters
in Humanity to Suffer at the 'hands of the beast',
"Abstract Ignorance".

And it's 'funny' how that came about.

I can see that, early-on in my online efforts,
folks just "knee-jerked" -- they didn't really
know what they were doing.

I can also see that, as I continued to push-
energy, folks came to understand, and "shifted"
to 'cover-up' modes which are calculated
to take-advantage of my 'periodically' fall-
ing-inti energy-deprived 'states'.

It's 'funny' -- folks sort of "lurk", waiting
for me to grow exhausted, and, then, "fire-
away" with all sorts of "accusatory" stuff
that's Calculated to "push-me-over-the-
edge", "reactively".

Folks've done this sort of thing in order
to 'collect evidence' against 'me'.

It's as if folks 'feel' that their only "justif-
ication" arises in my 'behaving-badly',
and one can read such in the msg traffic.

It's all 'pretty'-Sorrowful.

And Futile.

What is a Man who Sees folks Suffering
"supposed to do"?

What is he "supposed" to "be like"?

I mean, when he Pleads with folks be-
cause the "Children are dying", and
he's told, "Let them die!"?

3. The 'funny' thing is that folks've no
understanding that I've been "waiting" for
them to Honor Truth, so I can Celebrate!
their doing-so.


4. Folks've been "waiting" for me to die :-]

So they don't have to publically-acknow-
ledge that they've 'behaved badly'.

5. But that was never an "option".

I mean, "standing-over-folks, 'dictator-
ily'" was never an option.

Such just doesnt work -- be-cause it
imposes elevated TD E/I within folks'
nervous systems -- which 'forces'
'blindly'-automated 'moving away from'.

6. There's one general thing around
which there is no way.

It is that nothing can alter if the found-
ation for its happening is not constructed.

Get it?

'silence' does no Good -- is no "defense" -- 
be-cause such does =one= thing, and only
one thing: perpetuate the 'status quo'.

And look at what the 'status quo' is!


'blindly'-automated 'human'-explosiveness,
literally embodied in the Suicide-Murders
of the 'times' in which we live -- literally,
an acting-out of that which is within nervous
systems -- the "explosiveness" 'blindly' and
automatically embodied-in-behavior.

This happens for only =one= 'reason': that
folks have no way of, otherwise, acting-
upon the high 'levels' of TD E/I that're oc-
curring within their nervous systems.

Which is what 'silence' assures.

7. It's 'funny' -- I've "pushed"-Hard be-
cause I saw all of this, but there's been
a "disconnect" between what I've act-
ually been doing, and why I've done it,
and folks' perceptions of 'me'.

What I've been doing is analogous to
"throwing myself" in the directions of
the Human-"explosions" that I've seen
are "pending".

One doesn't do so in a "milquetoast"

One must reach-out as strongly as one
can [which is never strongly-enough].

But, it's 'funny', I'm condemned to a
prison comprised of folks' 'silence'
'because' I do.

And, when I "chafe" within such, folks
'calculate' that that 'proves' I'm "unfit".

8. It's 'funny', too, that everything that
I've done has a =single= Purpose.

To Rescue folks.

Folks're 'offended' by the fact that they
Need Rescuing.

And, like the SSW<->UES harmonics
when they're "squeezed", folks 'react'
stereotypically, to "transfer" the outcome
of their 'silence' to 'me'.

I'd "accept" such, if only if, in doing so,
the 'silence'-which-perpetuates-the-Sav-
agery would be Ended.

That's the Hilarious thing -- I've been
=Trying= to "make-myself-small" so
folks can "blame" me -- trying to pur-
chase the non-'silence' with what, at
any point, was left of my Being.

It's kind of like in O'Heny's =Gift of
The Magi=.

Only in a Deadly 'way'.

I don't know what I can do with all of
the old discussions I've posted.

They make everything Piezoelectric-
Crystal-Clear -- Truth "squirts"-out-of

It takes-my-breath-away, when I real-
ize what that "means".

Folks are "oblivious" to the Fact that,
all along, I've Held-them-in-my-'heart'.

All they can 'see' is that they 'must scheme
and squirm'.

"Blind fools!"

Wake up!

While 'silence' endures, Humanity's self-
Ravaging will 'only' be Perpetuated.

The =Only= thing that can Alter that is Non-

And I'm 'the bad guy', because I do that
"only" stuff?

Do 'you' see that 'you' are 'afraid' of

That 'you' remain 'silent' so 'you' don't
have to be Alive?

Come on!


[You can't see the Love in what I'm

'you' are Better than 'your' 'silence'.

All of us are.]

BTW, "sonoluminescence", same-old,
same-old as "piezoelectricity", only in
sonoluminescence, the experiments
that Prove is 100% V/Ar have already
been done.

k. p. collins 

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